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New/improved Google PageSpeed Insights includes Performance Score, real-world Field Data, Lab Data

     The latest free Google PageSpeed Insights tool provides lots of actionable information you can use to speed up loading of your website

How Google might want us to customize marketing and measurement in a world without cookies

     Let's hope Google will soon offer a "SMB" version of an API to replace the cookie functionality

Travel and Leisure Google Ads: clicks and clickthrough rate up year-on-year, cost per click down in 3Q2019

     Average Cost Per Click was $0.47, down from $0.53 in 3Q2018

Airbnb patents technology for screening potential guests for undesirable behavior or personality traits

     Software scans social media profiles and secure databases, estimates probability of bad behavior

UXPA Boston User Experience Conference 2020 call for proposals now open

     Call for speaker proposals is now open until 26 January for the 29 May conference

How to help Google's BERT update identify search queries relevant to you

     "When it comes to ranking results, BERT will help Search better understand one in 10 searches in the U.S. in English"

Gender-balanced video ads get more views vs. male-dominated

     Women buy 80% of travel, but 53% of video travel ads are male-dominated

Get an in-depth analysis of your site's SEO with SEO Site Checkup

     Free for one analysis of one website daily

48% of UK consumers would give personal information to restaurants to get a personalized menu

     Just think of the competitive advantage a restaurant would have owning a list of customers like that...

How to code website images for fast loading and mobile responsiveness

     PICTURE element and SRCSET attribute of HTML 5 make this easy

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