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US hotel demand forecast: Return to 4Q2019 level in 1Q2023

     Demand, Occupancy, RevPAR recovery to lag demand by a year or more

Drive-to destinations recover fastest from events that suppress travel

     When flying is perceived as high-risk, drive-to destinations outside major cities are going to come back first

Travel preferences of Americans for summer 2020 are very different from the norm

     Only 23% expect life to return to anything like normal before Labor Day

Use Google Analytics to track recovery of your website traffic during COVID-19

     Your traffic may already be up from last year

Avoid 'unnatural' backlinks that can trigger Google penalties

     Don't wait until you incur a Google penalty to deal with toxic backlinks

Bringing back restaurant business post-COVID-19

     Update procedures, reactivate customers, realign menus, optimize delivery

Negative travel sentiment due to COVID-19 trending down

     Longwoods International travel sentiment survey data from 29 April 2020

COVID-19: Airbnb occupancy is still down but showing promising rebound

     With occupancy up 7% last week, the year-on-year gap is closing quickly

Trends in travel searches: Week ending 1 May 2020

     Searches for destinations and attractions have been up year-on-year every week since 6 March

Why you should invest in paid search ads now

     Paid search produces the greatest ROAS across media per dollar invested in US

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