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Future Travel Experience Global 2021 conference 7-9 December in Las Vegas

     Presenting future transportation trends and transformation strategies for tomorrow's world

International travel expected to grow strongly in 2022 - but look different

     Top trends include younger travelers, higher spend, secondary destinations, outdoors, sustainability

Google data suggest 30% of pre-pandemic business travel may be gone forever

     Cost reduction, paperwork, sustainability and work-life balance are driving changes to companies' travel planning

Google Page Experience Ranking is coming to desktop in February 2022

     That means: Passing scores on Core Web Vitals, HTTPS not HTTP, no intrusive interstitials

Google announces clustering algorithm designed to reveal group characteristics while maintaining individual privacy

     'Differentially Private Clustering' could enable organizations to learn insights from group data while protecting individual data privacy

Google MUM has the potential to be a game-changer in search and SEO

     MUM is multilingual (75 languages) and multi-modal (both text and images) and has 1000X the question-answering power of BERT

To assess content quality, Google doesn't just look at text [VIDEO]

     John Mueller: "[I]t's not the case that we would look at just purely the text...we really want to look at the website overall."

US October 2021 inbound travel bookings surpass 70% of 2019 levels on news of November reopening

     Expect a further increase for the December 2021 - January 2022 holiday period

News and Editorial SEO Summit to be presented online 26-27 October 2021

     Organizers promise to deliver information on maximizing visibility in Google's ecosystem

Paid search is working well in the travel vertical in 2021

     Low costs per click and high clickthrough rates make paid search attractive for travel and tourism businesses

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