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Drawing the attention of consumers to stuff they need and we're selling

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RFPs, mergers, acquisitions, and other news of interest to agencies

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Drawing meaningful insights from data

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Business applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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Creation, communication of to consumers, and changes to the unique identities of companies and products

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Traffic is good, but conversions are better.

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Information on persuasive, direct-response copywriting that induces conversions and sells stuff

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The many dimensions of consumers, and how they interact with media and marketing

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Items of global interest to marketers and brands

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Tutorials on software and tools, product reviews

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Identifying the right customers and providing them with what they want

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Digital communication channels and how they influence users

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Optimizing online ads and content for mobile devices

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Methods and strategies to control how information about brands and products is presented to markets

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New information from reliable sources about companies, markets and competitors

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Search marketing, paid and organic

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How the sharing of information and ideas through virtual communities interacts with marketing

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News and research about marketing applications of digital technologies

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News and research about user experience in marketing

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Use of video content to promote brands and products

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