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Google Ads extensions are now ad assets

     Previously ads and assets had separate workflows

Google adds HTTPS report to Search Console

     Find out which pages are served as HTTPS and which are not, and why

IAB: Privacy legislation a bigger threat than loss of cookies

     'Misguided legislative efforts' risk harming both privacy and advertising

Google 'Helpful Content' search algorithm update begins today

     Intent is to reward 'satisfying' content, penalize that not meeting expectations created

Google to delay start of phase-out of 3rd-party cookies to 3Q2024

     Until then, Google plans further to expand testing of Privacy Sandbox APIs to ensure the web can "'continue to thrive".

News & Editorial SEO Summit 2022 to be offered online 4-5 October

     "The News and Editorial SEO Summit (NESS) is the first event of its kind, dedicated to all the things news publishers need to know to help them grow their organic search traffic."

50% of global consumers find advertising to be less interesting than it used to be

     And this finding is consistent across 18 major country markets worldwide

Bipartisan Senate Bill Could Force Google Out of Some of Its Lines of Business

     Sponsors of Competition and Transparency in Digital Advertising Act would limit digital ad functions that can be undertaken by large companies

'Workday Consumers' creating growth in search ad spend

     60% of consumers say they now mix work and personal online identities throughout the day - and 60% of brands say they intend to increase paid search ad spend in 2022, some by 10% or more

Google begins next phase of global tests of Privacy Sandbox

     Updated timeline shows when Google expects new technologies to support phase-out of 3rd-party cookies

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