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Australian Media Bargaining Code would require Google to pay news outlets for content made available via search

     Draft Code includes a binding arbitration provision

UK to tighten competition regulations for Google and other tech giants in 2021

     A Digital Markets Unit will be established within the Competition and Markets Authority

Jakob Nielsen updates his 10 general principles for interaction design

     These basic principles have remained much the same since 1994

Google asks California federal court to dismiss antitrust suits by developers of Fortnite and other apps

     Google argues that the plaintiffs are trying to use antitrust laws to force it to support competitors

Turkish Competition Authority fines Google $26M for abuse of dominance in search

     Rekabet Kurumu has fined Google 196.7M lira and set 6-month deadline for changes

Google asks California federal judge to toss yet another antitrust class action suit

     Google argues that plaintiffs fail to demonstrate that advertising with Facebook and other online platforms isn't 'reasonably interchangeable' with Google display advertising

DC tour operator withdraws antitrust class action suit against Google

     Grand Atlas Tours had filed its suit just 2 days after DoJ filed its own landmark suit against Google

Mayor Walsh announces award of $2M contract for positioning Boston as a safe and inclusive destination to Colette Phillips Communications

     Campaign will befunded with CARES Act money which must be spent by 31 December 2020

Use Google Trends to find current topics to use in marketing

     Take advantage of hot topics as they emerge

Use Pingdom Website Speed test to see what's slowing down your website

     Images, CSS stylesheets and Javascript files likely contribute

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