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Ahrefs introduces free Webmaster Tools for small businesses Search 312
28 September 2020
Use Google Trends to find current topics to use in marketing How To 144
29 October 2020
DC tour operator withdraws antitrust class action suit against Google Advertising 144
10 November 2020
Google asks California federal judge to toss yet another antitrust class action suit Advertising 123
12 November 2020
Turkish Competition Authority fines Google $26M for abuse of dominance in search Advertising 120
16 November 2020
Google asks California federal court to dismiss antitrust suits by developers of Fortnite and other apps Advertising 115
17 November 2020
UK to tighten competition regulations for Google and other tech giants in 2021 Advertising 115
28 November 2020
Australian Media Bargaining Code would require Google to pay news outlets for content made available via search Advertising 101
28 November 2020
Google announces December 2020 Core Update of its search ranking algorithm Search 98
06 December 2020
Google launches 'Travel Insights with Google' to aid travel partners in recovery from COVID-19 Search 97
09 December 2020
European Commission to attempt to force Google to its make search ranking algorithms more transparent Search 129
10 December 2020
Texas-led coalition of Republican Attorneys General file antitrust suit against Google Advertising 107
18 December 2020
How local advertising changed in 2020 Advertising 94
30 December 2020
Google reports on changes in consumer behavior for holiday season 2020 Research 87
31 December 2020
What consumers want - and don't want - to see in online advertising Advertising 97
10 January 2021
54% of US Black travelers are more likely to visit a destination that has Black representation in its travel ads Advertising 83
14 January 2021
Google claims tests show FloC-based ad solutions can produce results 'similarly effective' to those from cookies Advertising 105
27 January 2021
Google organic clicks growing strongly during COVID-19 pandemic despite often mediocre SEO Search 111
29 January 2021
Georgia courts toss suit claiming use of plaintiff's trademark as Google Ads keyword constituted theft of personal property Search 74
03 February 2021
Maryland legislators pass Digital Advertising Tax overriding Gov. Hogan's veto Advertising 112
15 February 2021