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How I Will Use Google Ads to Make Money for Your Business

David H. Boggs, MS David H. Boggs, MS Google Ads (formerly AdWords) is a pay-per-click (PPC) direct-response advertising platform which is used by 98% of businesses worldwide that do PPC advertising because it reaches people who are actively searching for products or services they're selling.

Because Google Ads is fast - no waiting for crawling and indexing - Google Ads can quickly reach the first page of search returns for user queries that match what you're selling.

And Google's Gemini AI large language model (LLM) now makes possible the automated rapid generation of ad content from your web page URLs.

User impressions (views) of your ads - for which you pay Google nothing extra - build awareness and consideration for your business. (Go here to read more about Google Display Ads.)

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Why I should be managing your Google Ads

Google Ads is the world's #1 online ad platform. But for a Google Ads campaign to make money for you, it has to add enough revenue to cover the cost of marketing and also provide you with a positive return of some kind.

That won't happen if your messaging is wrong, the right markets aren't reached, or the clicks you buy are wasted.

Google Ads Campaign There's a steep learning curve associated with Google Ads.

Managing campaigns is time-consuming.

The rules of the game change on what seems like a daily basis.

You can't afford to take the time to acquire the necessary Google Ads skills while running both your business and dynamic ad campaigns. (How much spare time do you have right now, without having to deal with Google Ads?)

Your business will suffer if you try to run it and Google Ads both yourself. You need to work with my professional Google advertising agency.

I'll first get to know you and your business, then quote you a flat, fixed fee for setting up a Google Ads campaign that's designed to meet your business objectives.

After helping you select the best search keywords and set a Google click budget, I'll create your initial ad groups and ads.

Unlike some agencies, I'll take no markup on your Google click charges, so will have no incentive to just buy more clicks, but will instead work to get the biggest possible return for you from Google campaigns.

You run and grow your business, I'll run your Google Ads, and we'll both make money.

Why you need to be using Google Ads

Advertisers use Google Ads because they know that they can get results from Google Ads faster than from any other channel - it's as close as you can get to a sure thing.

98% of pay-per-click advertisers use Google Ads - with an all-sector average conversion rate of 7.26% and a mean ROI of 200% in 2022.

Google Ads Mobile Google Ads is a proven, cost-effective channel for getting you business by serving ads to users who have shown an intent to buy what you're selling, very measurably and with ad spend you control.

Google Ads gives you the advantage over other channels of the huge amount of data available to you from analytics that track every aspect of online interaction as prospects move through your sales funnel.

However: remember that your competitors are doing marketing too, and targeting the same population of prospective customers.

But because by using Google Ads I'm able to target a ready-to-buy audience by everything from the keywords they use, to their physical location, to the time of day and the kind of device they're searching from, I can understand their intent, and adjust marketing on-the-fly to maximize conversions.

And you will get the most mileage out of your marketing budget because I will be able to switch out ad collateral, A/B test content and start or stop keywords, ads and campaigns at will.

How Google Ads Work

Sponsored search with Google Ads places your ads on Google’s search-return pages, and optionally on those of relevant Google partner sites with high traffic. You pay nothing for search ad impressions (views); only for visits to your website that occur when someone clicks on one of your Google Ads.

Google Search Return Page

Screencap showing top part of a Google search return page (SERP) with Google Search Ads. Peter Thompson Associates have the #1 ad position on this page because of a combination of per-click bid and keyword/ad/landing-page relevance to the user's query for “maine personal injury attorney”.


Google Ads Traffic Growth Google Ads is fast: I can set up a new campaign and have it bringing prequalified prospects to your website in just days, not weeks or months.

Once a Google Ads campaign is up and running, you pay only (1) per-click charges to Google for incremental visits to your website as a result of clickthroughs from your Google ads, and (2) my modest, flat campaign management fee.

My Account Management Package includes ongoing testing and adjustment of ad copy and structure to maximize campaign return from your budget, along with plain-language reports on key business metrics.

You control your Google Ads spend simply by setting a daily budget cap that can be adjusted anytime you want.

Clicks are priced by an auction bidding system that favors the highest-quality and most successful ads.

Google offers many features and options for Ads campaigns and Analytics reports. I'll work with you to select those that will be most effective in reaching your business objectives:

  • Search ads
  • Contextual ads
  • Text, display and video ads
  • Keyword suggestions based on Google's enormous database of actual searches
  • Targeting by location (country, state/region, city), language, demographics, interests
  • Ad scheduling for any time zone
  • Performance reports by campaign, ad group, keyword, geographic area, device (mobile vs. desktop), more...
  • Ad quality scoring
  • Diagnostic tests of your pages
  • Conversion tracking
  • Remarketing to site visitors who don't convert

International and local search options are available also.

 Go here to see more about Advanced Google Ads Services.

30 days 100% money back guarantee

Risk-free 30-day trial: if after one month you're not totally satisfied, I'll return 100% of my fees.

 Ready to start making more money now? Most Google Ads campaigns need an investment of a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a month, and mean ROI across business sectors in 2022 was 200%. Go here to tell me a bit about your business objectives and Get a Quote!


Some of My Blog Posts About Google Search Ads

Google Ads spend +15%Google Ads spend grew 15% in 3Q2022, stabilizing near pre-COVID level
In contrast, 3Q2022 revenues of Meta - which faces increasing competition from TikTok and other social-media platforms - were down from 3Q2021.

Google AdsWhy you should invest in paid search ads now
Paid search produces the greatest Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) across media per dollar invested in US.

Google AIGoogle announces clustering algorithm designed to reveal group characteristics while maintaining individual privacy
'Differentially Private Clustering' could enable organizations to learn insights from group data while protecting individual data privacy.

Google AIData-Driven Attribution (DDA) to replace last click as default in Google Ads
Change is likely intended to compensate in part for data that will be lost to advertisers when Chrome no longer supports 3rd-party cookies.

Google AIGoogle Ads Editor 1.7 adds YouTube Audio Ads, Hotel Ads, extensions, recommendations, bidding options
Being able to edit Google Ads campaigns offline and seeing previews of results surely beats making edits online in the live Ads interface.

Google AIGoogle releases Enhanced Conversions feature in beta for Google Ads using first-party data
Secure hashing algorithm collects first-party conversion data which are then matched with signed-in Google accounts.

Google AIGoogle introduces Ads Creative Studio one-stop video, display and audio ad builder
Ads Creative Studio includes Director Mix and Audio Mixer plus dynamic and HTML5 tools.

Google AIBest practices for responsive search ads now the default Google Ads format
Responsive Search Ads are now the default format as Google continues to streamline ad system

Questions About Google Ads Answered

Q: What are the right questions to ask when analyzing Google Ads or Analytics data?

1. What is a conversion costing me?
2. Is the value of a conversion great enough to provide the margin I need above its cost, in order to be profitable?

Q: What is the most important, heaviest weighted, factor in the Google Ads quality score?

A: Clickthrough rate. Because that's how Google gets paid. Relevance of keyword to ad and ad to landing page, and past campaign performance, are factors also. Getting good grades on those items should translate into higher clickthrough rates, more sales for you and more money for Google.

Q: How do you create perfectly targeted Google Ads?

A: Begin by creating a detailed profile of your “perfect customer,” then create and deliver ads accordingly.

Q: How do Google Ads know what someone has been wanting to buy?

A: From that individual's search history - pages visited, links clicked on - using machine learning to identify patterns.

Q: How long does it take for Google ads to start working?

A: When submitted or edited, Google Ads are reviewed by a human somewhere, which introduces some delay. But unless rejected for policy violations, a new ad should go live within hours.

Q: Are Google Ads and Google Display Ads certification the same? If not, then how do they differ?

A: They are different because they relate to different kinds of Google Ads campaigns. Current names of these certifications are Google Ads Search (text ad campaigns) and Google Ads Display (display ad campaigns).

Q: Why do our ads on Google not show daily (using Google Ads)?

A: Reason hinges on what you mean by "not show daily". Unless your click budget is sufficient to keep ads running 24/7, ads won't display during some parts of every day. When they display (or don't) depends on your Ad Delivery setting. With “Standard” delivery, Google will distribute your ad display evenly across 24 hours (unless your Ad Scheduling setting says otherwise). With “Accelerated Delivery"”, at the beginning of the day Google will turn your ads on and leave them on continuously until the daily, click budget is depleted, then turn them off until next day.

Q: What is the fastest) way to get a new business appear in Google listings?

A: Get someone knowledgeable to create a Google Ads campaign, initially set bidding strategy to Max Clicks.

Q: How do you determine if Google Ads is right for your business?

A: Google Ads works best when you have a product or service for which people are likely to search online to find when they need it right now. “24-hour plumber” is a classic example. A product/service no one has ever heard of likely won't do so well, as there will be few searches. In between, there are many products and services that Google Ads can pitch to people who are searching for a product, service or solution to some problem, at some point - researching, comparing alternatives, ready to buy - in the conversion funnel. Good choice of keywords, good ads and good landing pages will sell those folks too.

Q: Why is Google an advertising agency disguised as a search engine?

A: Google is both a search engine (with 90+% share of searches in both the US and Europe) - and an ad platform (with 75% share of global search ad spend) . It does both things very well - advertising just pays better.

Q: How is Google competing with TripAdvisor?

A: Google Business Profile and Google Reviews are killing TripAdvisor's Experiences and Dining product. Trying to stay competitive, TripAdvisor has been spending heavily on Google ads, so has to sell ad space on its own site to pay for that.

Q: Will increasing my daily budget with Google Ads improve my position in the search results?

A: Not necessarily. It may just increase the on-time of your ads (along with your spend). You need to look at your quality scores, and how your bids on individual keywords compare to bid for #1 position.

Q: How crucial is it for a new business to be listed in the top 5 on Google Search?

A: It's certainly desirable but unlikely for a new business's website to appear anytime soon in the top 5 results on meaningful keywords. You should begin to work diligently on SEO, but in the meantime to get immediate potentially profitable traffic, you can use Google Ads and be at the top of Page 1 same day.

Q: What is the minimum amount I need to spend in Google Ads to get good enough leads?

A: As with so many other aspects of Google search: it depends. $1000-$2000/month is commonly recommended. But a sufficient click budget is one large enough to get statistically reliable results from your campaign in a reasonable length of time. And that's a function of the number of keywords you plan to buy, the volume of clicks your ads get, and the cost per click of each. However, remember that Google Ads budgets are set on a daily basis, not monthly, and ads can be paused and unpaused at will. You can start small by collecting data using a relatively large daily budget and running the campaign on relatively few days - to get quicker/better results vs. running ads every day with a small daily budget.

Q: How do you analyze an ad?

A: There are ads, and there are ads. We want to measure the success of our ads in terms of results. The performance of ads that are designed to create awareness or build image is difficult to quantify - takes us into the realm of “views”, “likes”, etc. For that reason I prefer direct-response ads that make a specific offer to which people either respond or don't: download this report, join this list, contract for this service. That makes measurement simple, with no wiggle room. And in a digital world,we can swap a new ad in for an underperforming one in a matter of minutes.

Search Advertising with Google Ads - Resources

Google Ads Frequently Asked Questions by Google
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Google Ads Help System by Google
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Google Ads YouTube channel by Google
Dozens of Google Ads tutorial and informational videos on Google-owned YouTube

What is Google AdWords? by Wordstream
An independent explanation of how Google Ads (formerly AdWords) works by the search software developers at Wordstream


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