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Are you taking full advantage of Google search?
Probably not...

But using SEO and Google Ads, I can help you with that. Read on...

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I create two different but complementary kinds of search campaigns for businesses:

Google Ads is more measurable than any other ad medium
Technical SEO

both with focus on Google.

Why Google Search?

Marketing: attraction, engagement, conversion
Because marketing, stripped down to the bare bones, involves 3 phases:

...and Search does the heavy lifting in the attraction phase.

Web pages then come into play for engagement and conversion.

But absent an effective Search component, web pages don't get the opportunity to engage and connect.

Because nobody sees them.

Search ads and SEO are the most effective and lowest-cost strategies for bringing prequalified prospects to your web pages where they can then be engaged and converted, making you sales.

And Google - which served on average 5.6 billion searches per day last year - is the world’s dominant search engine, dwarfing Bing, Yahoo!, Baidu (except in China, where Google is banned), Yandex and all others.

Google: Most Visited Website in the World

Some Google Search facts:

68% of all website traffic comes from either organic or paid search, vastly exceeding that from display advertising and social media; and in the US, more than 94% of that search traffic comes from Google.

Google processes more than 5 billion searches every day, and this figure is growing at around 10% per year.

Sites on the first page of Google returns from a search query get 93% of the traffic for that query.

The first 3 positions for non-branded, organic search terms get more than half total clickthroughs from Google, the #1 return gets 33%.

79% of Google searches lead to a click on only one of the returns presented. (Seldom will you get a second chance.)

The elapsed time in an average Google search session - from making the initial query to the last click away from Google search returns - is less than one minute, in which your ad or search-return snippet must grab that user.

Google is #1 in mobile searches: nearly 2 out of 3 US organic searches are done from mobile phones, and 96% of those searches are done on Google because of Google’s mobile first indexing policy and focus on the importance of mobile user experience factors for SEO.

35% of desktop searches and 65% of mobile searches end in a zero-click result: Google answers the user’s question directly in an answer box or other form of Rich Results appearing above organic listings.

FYI, here are some demos of technologies that contribute to success with Google search.

Why Google Ads?

Google Ads

Sponsored search with Google Ads places your ads on Google’s search-return pages, and on those of other Google partner search engines and directories, as well as (optionally) on relevant pages of Google partner content sites with high traffic. You pay nothing for search ad impressions (views); only for visits to your website that occur when someone clicks through from your Google Ad to a landing page on your site.

I'll cap your daily click charges at any level you want through Google's budgeting mechanism, help you select the most relevant keywords, create your ad groups and ads, and provide ongoing bid-management and campaign adjustment services, to maximize results for your budget.

Learn more about how Google Ads can help your business...


Why Technical SEO?

technical search engine optimization

Technical SEO is the art and science of enabling Google organic search to:

  • Easily and quickly crawl and index the pages of a website
  • Navigate to the content most relevant to each user query
  • Understand what a website is about
  • Respond accurately to user search queries by delivering content that's relevant to search intent
  • Find and deliver content that converts users to buyers

and also deliver an excellent user experience - which Google values so highly in its ranking algorithms - through:

  • Usability on mobile devices
  • Fast loading of pages without missing text, delayed image rendering or layout shifts
  • Content that's easily found, engaging and doesn't contribute to bounce rates
  • Accessibility by those with visual or other disabilities
  • Customization of and localization of content for different audiences and intentions
  • Tight, understandable, unambiguous language
  • Keeping users' personal data safe
  • Application of leading-edge technology

Remember: It's not how many search engines you can get to index your site that counts - it's how highly your site is ranked by Google for the queries that your most valuable potential customers are using in their searches.

Because Google dominates organic search, if your site doesn't rank well on Google on the most important queries commonly used to describe your brand or what you’re selling, it's unlikely that anyone is ever going to access your site via organic search.

 Google Page Experience Algorithm Update

In June 2021 Google began using Page Experience as a search ranking factor: Core Web Vitals, Mobile Usability, Security, Ad Experience. Find out how to nail the Page Experience Update with Technical SEO.

Please note:

I only do:

  1. Google Ads, and
  2. Technical SEO for Google organic search.

And because I won't take on any marketing campaign that I'm not confident of being able to improve, I have just 3 conditions for taking on work:

  1. You must have a product or service for which reasonable numbers of people who are willing and able to buy are searching online. (Because what I do is all about search.)
  2. You must have - or be willing to put - on your website a compelling offer that will convert search traffic. (I can help you with that, of course.)
  3. You must be willing to spend at least $600 a month on search marketing. (Because I'm not able to offer guaranteed results from a campaign funded with less investment than that.)

If you're OK with those simple conditions and want to find out how Google Ads and/or Technical SEO can help your business, please complete and send the form below, and I'll contact you right away to arrange a free consultation. I promise to keep your contact information safe.

30 days 100% money back guarantee

Risk-free 30-day trial: if after one month you're not totally satisfied, I'll return 100% of my fees.


Do you want more and higher-quality website traffic and more conversions? Get a free consultation to learn how I can help you do that. Just complete and send this form to contact me today.


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