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Are you taking full advantage of Internet search?
Probably not...

But I can help you with that. Read on...

I create two different but complementary kinds of search campaigns for businesses: Technical Website Optimization for organic search, and Paid Search Advertising, both based on Google.

Why Google?

Google: Most Visited Website in the World
  • Google is the world’s most visited website, visited more than 62 billion times last year: Google has 94% share of US searches
  • Google is the world’s dominant search engine, with more than a 94% share of US searches, compared with less than 2% each for Bing and Yahoo.Google processes more than 3.5 billion searches every day
  • Google processes more than 3.5 billion searches every day, and this figure is growing at around 10% per year. 96% of US searches done from mobile phones are done on Google
  • Google is #1 in mobile searches: nearly 2 out of 3 US organic searches are done from mobile phones, and 96% of those searches are done on Google.

Why Google Ads?

Google Ads is more measurable than any other ad medium
  • Compared to other marketing channels like TV, print and social media, Google Ads provides a much better measurability and higher ROI. Google Ads is scalable
  • Google Ads is highly scalable: once a campaign is converting profitably with a small click budget, you can grow leads and sales simply be increasing budget.

Why Technical SEO?

Technical SEO

Technical search engine optimization contributes to enhanced website performance by making pages:

  • Faster loading, easier to navigate and more usable, for better user experience
  • More easily “crawlable” by the Googlebot search agent
  • More easily understood and more accurately indexed and ranked against queries by Google’s BERT and other algorithms
  • Unique as to content, to avoid duplicate-content penalties and competition among pages that results in lower rankings for all
  • Up to date, by redirecting the URLs of retired pages to current alternatives and avoiding 404 (Not Found) errors
  • Safe for users, via an SSL certificate

 If you have - or think you might have - a specific interest in using Paid Search or Technical SEO in your business, or if you simply have questions, and would like a personal response from me, please complete and send the little form below, and I'll get back to you shortly.

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