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How Google Search Marketing with Google Ads and SEO can make money for your business

Business Owners: As a business owner myself who's been getting customers and sales from Google Search for both my own businesses and my customers' for more than 20 years, I know that Google Search Marketing works.

Why your business needs to show up prominently in Google Search

First Page of Google
High ranking in Google Search is key to the success of your online business because:
  1. Google delivered more than 64% of all US website traffic last year, and 96% of all searches done from mobile phones.
  2. Ranking determines which web pages Google links to from the top of search returns.
  3. If your pages are ranked higher, Google will show links to them before those to competitors' pages.
  4. High ranking in Google enhances trust and authenticity of your business in the minds of searchers.
  5. Content about your website appearing in both Google organic search returns and Google Ads reinforces the well-known and trustworthy image of your business.
  6. Trusted businesses get more traffic, more new potential customers.
  7. Prospects who trust your business will be more likely to subscribe to your email list, providing you with ongoing marketing opportunities.
  8. Traffic coming to your website from optimized Google organic listings or from Google Ads will stay on site longer, visit more pages, and convert better than other traffic.

Businesses That Need Google Search MarketingYou can go here to see some of the kinds of businesses for which Google Search Marketing is absolutely critical to success today: real estate, hospitality, business and personal services, medical practices, auto sales and repair and more....

But for now, please stay with me so I can tell you more about how Google's search technology can get you more customers and make you more sales.

Search ads and SEO are the most effective and lowest-cost strategies for bringing prequalified prospects to your web pages where they can then be engaged and converted, making you sales.

Because Google is the undisputed leader in helping customers find businesses via both organic and paid search, I create two different but complementary kinds of search marketing campaigns for business owners and marketers:

1. Paid search using Google Ads

Google Ads

Sponsored search with Google Ads places your ads on Google’s search-return pages, and on those of other Google partner search engines and directories, as well as (optionally) on relevant pages of Google partner content sites with high traffic. You pay nothing for search ad impressions (views); only for visits to your website that occur when someone clicks through from your Google Ad to a landing page on your site.

Google Ads is fast: I can set up a new campaign and have it bringing prequalified prospects to your website in a matter of days, not weeks or months.

And Google Ads, integrated with Google Analytics, is more measurable than any other advertising medium.

For a modest, flat management fee (fully guaranteed) I'll cap your daily click charges at any level you want through Google's budgeting mechanism, help you select the most relevant keywords, create your ad groups and ads, and provide ongoing bid-management and campaign adjustment services, to maximize results for your budget.

Learn more about how Google Ads can help your business...


Technical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Google Organic Search

technical search engine optimization

Technical SEO is the art and science of enabling Google organic search to:

  • Easily and quickly crawl and index the pages of a website
  • Navigate to the content most relevant to each user query
  • Understand what a website is about
  • Respond accurately to user search queries by delivering content that's relevant to search intent
  • Find and deliver content that converts users to buyers

and also deliver an excellent user experience - which Google values so highly in its ranking algorithms - through:

  • Usability on mobile devices
  • Fast loading of pages without missing text, delayed image rendering or layout shifts
  • Application of current best practices in search technology

Because Google dominates organic search, for business success, your website needs to rank well on Google on the most important queries commonly used to describe your brand or what you're selling. Technical SEO will help make that happen.

Learn more about how Technical SEO can help your business...

  Please note:

Search Marketing Agreement

I only do search marketing campaigns - strictly adhering to Google's advertising policies, no “black-hat” tricks - using:
1. Google Ads, and
2. Technical SEO for Google organic search.

And because I won't take on any search marketing campaign that I'm not confident of being able to improve, I have just 3 conditions for taking on work:

  1. You must have a product or service for which reasonable numbers of people who are willing and able to buy are searching online. (If I believe that not to be the case, I'll tell you so up front and not waste your money.)
  2. You must have - or be willing to put - on your website a compelling offer that I believe will convert search traffic. (I'll help you with that, of course.)
  3. After completing a risk-free 30-day trial you must be willing to spend as little as $20 a day on search marketing for at least one additional term of 30 days. (No long-term contract is required). I make this a condition because I'm not able to offer guaranteed results from a campaign funded with less investment than that.

If you're OK with those simple conditions and want to find out how Google Ads and/or Technical SEO can help your business, please complete and send the form below, and I'll contact you right away to arrange a free consultation. I promise to keep your contact information safe. Privacy Policy is here.

Do you want more and higher-quality website traffic and more conversions? Get a free consultation to learn how I can help you do that. Just complete and send this form to contact me today.


30 days 100% money back guarantee

Risk-free 30-day trial: if after one month you're not totally satisfied, I'll return 100% of my fees.

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