How to Get More Business from Google Search with Technical SEO

Google Technical Search Engine Optimization

The Technical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) I will do for your website will improve both the indexing and the ranking of your pages by Google on the user search queries that are most important to your business - making your sales-driving content easier for your prospects and customers to find and understand.

I will use my 100% “white hat” advanced technical skills and all proven search engine optimization best practices to analyze, test, upgrade, and fine-tune your website to make it more easily spidered, indexed and comprehended by the Googlebot crawler. I will NOT use “black hat” techniques like private blog networks, paid backlinks, bot manipulation, doorway pages served to search engines or anything else that could get your website penalized by Google.

Then Google will re-index your newly supercharged pages and rank them higher - nearer to the top of Page 1 of search returns - on those queries that are very important to your business.

And as an added bonus, technical SEO will improve the experience your website provides for human users on both desktop and mobile devices - an attribute that Google values highly and is also a ranking factor.

 I provide SEO services - with Risk-Free 30-Day Trial and Unconditional Guarantee - locally to businesses in metro Boston and Midcoast Maine, and remotely throughout Massachusetts, Maine and beyond:

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Boston Local Service Area: Within a 10+/- mile radius of South Boston, including Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, Newton, Quincy and nearby towns

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Maine Local Service Area: Lincoln, Knox and Sagadahoc Counties, including Boothbay Harbor, Bath, Wiscasset, Camden, Rockland and nearby towns

Why Technical SEO?

Technical SEO

The very most fundamental purpose of any business's website is to attract traffic that converts.

For organic search traffic - traffic that doesn't come from paid ads, and makes up 53% of all website traffic - SEO is what makes that happen.

And your pages need to be optimized for the search engine most used by your best potential customers. That's Google. Because 86% of all web browsing sessions worldwide begin with a Google search.

The critical factors in getting converting organic traffic to your website are:
  1. How accurately Google indexes your pages, and
  2. How highly it ranks them
for the queries that your most valuable potential customers are using in their searches.

Technical search engine optimization (SEO) contributes to enhanced website performance by making pages:

Faster loading, easier to navigate and more usable, for better user experience

Mobile-friendly, because under Google's policy of mobile-first indexing, the version of a website's content seen by the smartphone Googlebot crawler is used for indexing and ranking.

More easily understood and more accurately indexed and ranked against queries by Google’s BERT, MUM and other algorithms

Unique as to content, to avoid competition among pages that results in lower rankings for all

Up to date, by redirecting the URLs of retired pages to current alternatives and avoiding 404 (Not Found) errors

Safe for users, through use of TLS (Transport Layer Security, successor to now deprecated Secure Socket Layer) - a protocol for encrypting internet traffic and verifying server identity

In turn, that enhanced website performance will:

Differentiate Yourself from the Competition

Differentiate you from your competition

Increase your return on advertising spend, since an SEO campaign involves no media buy, only our modest agency fee

Produce more prequalified website traffic from people who are using Google organic search to look for products or services like yours

Used in conjunction with Google Ads, increase the number of links to your website on a Google search return page, producing more website exposure to potential customers and enhancing the legitimacy of your brand

Reach your entire customer base with website pages optimized for each of your target demographics and for each level of your conversion funnel from introductory content to create awareness for new prospects to conversion-directed content for those ready to buy

Produce higher-quality leads with which you can begin to engage for future business

Convert lookers to buyers at a much greater rate and lower cost than outbound strategies like cold-calling or e-mail blasting

Give you powerful insights and hard data about your target demographics

Keep prospects on your website longer, viewing more content, maximizing lead-gathering and selling opportunities

Improve the experience users get from your website, getting you repeat visits

Create and increase awareness, authority and trust for your brand, through its enhanced visibility in search


An incomplete list of issues that technical SEO can fix includes:

Issues Technical SEO can fix
  • Failed Google Core Web Vitals assessments
  • Broken links and 404 errors
  • Excessive HTTP requests
  • Uncompressed HTML
  • HTML errors
  • Slow-loading image, audio and video files
  • Duplicate content
  • Unindexed pages
  • Orphan pages
  • Non-critical CSS and Javascript files that slow down page rendering
  • Duplicate titles and meta description tags that cause ranking competition between pages
  • Unused stylesheet code that slows page loading
  • Missing Google Analytics tracking code
  • White space and HTML comments that slow page loading
  • Images that could delay loading until after critical resources have been rendered
  • Static assets not cached
  • Page titles and meta descriptions too long or too short
  • Pages blocked by robots.txt file
  • Use of Flash
  • Mobile unfriendliness: too-small text, clickable elements too close together
  • No custom 404 error page
  • Illusion of completeness leaving critical content unread

An example of the results that technical SEO analysis and on-page improvements can produce:

Results of Technical SEO and On-page Improvements

Google PageSpeed Insights Mobile Analysis of our site
following Technical SEO analysis and on-page improvements

Why you should outsource SEO to a professional

  1. SEO is harder than it looks. Doing SEO well requires specialized knowledge, skills and tools.
  2. SEO is always evolving. Just keeping up 100% with Google's ranking algorithm changes would be a full-time job, and there are technical and regulatory changes constantly ongoing that impact SEO as well.
  3. SEO takes a lot of time. Your time is better - and more profitably - spent doing what you do best: running your business. Leave SEO to a pro.
  4. Hiring staff to do SEO is expensive. Even if you're able to hire capable people - not necessarily a given - by bringing SEO in-house you immediately begin to incur training and overhead expenses.
  5. Measurement and reporting of results is a key part of SEO. I know what key performance indicators determine the impact of SEO on your business goals, and will report those to you regularly.

Done expertly (as I will), technical search engine optimization for Google, followed by conscientious maintenance to keep up with Google’s ever-changing product features and ranking algorithms, will very significantly increase the number of qualified prospects finding and engaging with your site, as well as the number and value of transactions those new customers will complete with your business.


Do you want more and higher-quality website traffic and more conversions? Get a free consultation to learn how I can help you do that. Just complete and send this form to contact me today.



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