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Agencies: Resell my expert White Label Google Ads and SEO Services to add clients and grow revenue

Are you looking for a way to add value for clients of your agency without doing all the hard work?

My white label Google Ads and SEO services let you resell my premium Google Search services to your clients at a reduced cost.

What You Get:

 Special agency pricing is available, based on volume of work I provide for you, and the size and complexity of your clients' projects.

 Resell to your clients my expert, professional, high-demand White Label Google Ads and SEO services that complement your current marketing and advertising offerings without adding employees, incurring training expenses or increasing overhead.

 Gain and retain clients and increase sales revenues while you continue to manage and grow your agency, and I do the Search Marketing work and get the results your clients want.

 I provide complete Google Search services. I launch and manage your clients' Google campaigns, do almost everything except connecting with your clients.

 Account support to help you field and answer clients' questions about Google Search. If a client asks you a question you can't answer, just say “Let me check with my team!”

 No client interaction. I won't connect with your clients or join any client-facing conversations.

 Work done locally. All my white label search marketing work for agency clients is done in New England, USA, not overseas.

Requirements: To make use of my white label Google Ads and SEO services, I ask only that you:
1. Contract for a minimum of 3 clients
2. Commit to 90-day contract terms for all new clients. Because it takes about that long for Google Search campaigns to work. After that, our contract extensions will be month-to-month for the remaining life of the campaign. But you can always hold your clients to a longer contract if that works for you.

Why Your Agency Needs My White Label Google Search Services

You can offer my expert Google Ads and SEO services to your existing clients - or promote them to gain new clients - without having to hire or train staff.

I'll make it easy and profitable for you to make additional sales without increasing workload or cost of your staff.

I'll do the search marketing and create reports for you to pass along to your clients. You'll be able to deliver expert SEO and Google Ads services under your own brand without doing any of the work, with plenty of margin for your agency. You can just bill clients and concentrate on growing your agency.

Your clients will get more website traffic and more conversions and make more money, and you'll get the credit.

How My White Label Google Search Services Work

My White Label Services for your clients can include any of the services I offer for Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, SEO Audits or SEO for Google Organic Search.

What I Will Do

I will do almost everything except connect with the client. I'll handle all the behind-the-scenes work associated with your clients' Google Search campaigns. You just have to manage the client relationship and handle client-facing interactions.

What I Won't Do

 I won't use your company-branded email addresses or join any of your project management tools.

 I won't use your agency accounts. I'll manage my work with your clients through my own unbranded, white label accounts.

Become a partner now:

To find out more about my White Label Google Ads and SEO Services, just complete and send this form to contact me today, and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.


Contact me:

 David H. Boggs, MS
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