Google Search Marketing is critical to the success of local businesses... personal and commercial services, law firms, medical practices, hospitality, real estate, and many more.

Google Searchfor BusinessesEvery business with a local target market will benefit from Google Search Marketing, by being visible on “near me” searches done on smartphones by people visiting the neighborhood as well as searches done by residents of nearby or even distant neighborhoods who aren't currently aware of your business.

Being prominent in Google Search lets your business:

  • Get discovered quickly by potential new customers
  • Target audiences by location
  • Track and measure the effectiveness of your ad and website copy: search terms, impressions, site visits, conversions, costs
  • Start, stop and adjust campaigns on short notice, in response to unforeseen changes in your industry or the economy
  • Achieve strong returns on your marketing investment through Google's targeting and measurement capabilities
  • Build brand awareness and reputation

 Ready to start making more money now? Most Google Search Marketing campaigns need an investment of a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a month, unconditionally guaranteed to satisfy you. Go here to tell me a bit about your business objectives and Get a Quote!

Some prime examples of lines of business that I know will benefit from Google Search are:

HVAC businessesResidential and commercial maintenance and repair services are ideal candidates for SEO and Google Ads because people tend to search for these kinds of businesses when they have an immediate need and are ready to buy right then: 24-hour plumbers, vehicle towing, HVAC and refrigeration service, broken window replacement, water damage remediation.

real estate brokersReal estate brokers: Search Marketing can give local real estate businesses an edge over national real estate markets like Zillow and Trulia by precisely targeting buyer segments on the basis of local knowledge, through the sorting of inventory into individual neighborhoods and sub-markets.

hotels, restaurants, and barsHospitality businesses - hotels, restaurants, bars: 70+% of travelers consult Google when looking for a hotel. Constant turnover of businesses in the bars and restaurants sector confuses consumers and makes it hard for them to make choices. And it's difficult for independent local hospitality businesses to compete against the marketing muscle of chain properties. Search Marketing is the answer.

law officesLaw offices: Online search is the #1 way people seek and find an attorney when they need one. 96% of people looking for legal advice do so via search. Validation from customer reviews is of key importance to attorneys in an extremely competitive market, and SEO can make it easier to acquire reviews and help prospects find them when they''re choosing an attorney.

professional servicesProfessional services: Architects, engineers, accountants, admen, financial consultants and other individuals and companies offering professional services can use Google Search Marketing to differentiate themselves from competitors who offer similar-sounding but often quite different services. Google Search will help you build brand awareness, reputation and authority, giving you an advantage over your competitors.

auto sales and repairAuto sales and repair: The competitiveness of local markets for automobile and truck sales and service makes these kinds of businesses a natural fit with Google Search Marketing. Good search visibility will position your business top-of-mind with consumers so they call on you when next needing to buy a vehicle or get one fixed.

medical and dental servicesMedical and dental services: Doctor's offices, dental practices and urgent-care facilities benefit from Google Search Marketing by being easily found by consumers who need help right away, and also by providing high-authority answers to health-related questions from local prospects who will at some later time need medical help or advice. Google Search Marketing can differentiate you by specialty. High profit margins and customer lifetime value enable competitive marketing spend.

pet servicesPet services: People love their pets, but don't want to travel long distances for walking, grooming, boarding, training or other services. So being visible in your local area and having good online reviews are critical to success in this kind of business. Google Search Marketing in your local area is the answer.

online-only servicesOnline-only businesses: Companies that have no brick and mortar location to which to draw local customers must market their products and services online. That requires making it easy for people to find your website when they're searching for what you're selling, whether it's low-cost, buy-online products like t-shirts, or major B2B and B2C items which potential buyers research online. That makes Google Search Marketing key to creating awareness, consideration and interest in your offerings.

 Ready to start making more money now? Most Google Search Marketing campaigns need an investment of a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a month, unconditionally guaranteed to satisfy you. Go here to tell me a bit about your business objectives and Get a Quote!


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