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David H. Boggs, MS David H. Boggs, MS Google advertising certifications are professional accreditations that Google offers to individuals who demonstrate proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of Google Ads, Google Analytics and related products. Google certifications demonstrate that Google recognizes the holder as an expert in specific categories of online advertising and marketing.

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Being awarded each certification requires scoring 80% or better on a time-limited assessment test - hosted and scored by Google's Skillshop training platform - covering theory and practice of the subject. Each certification must be renewed annually by retaking the test in its most up-to-date version.

Google Display Ads Google Display Ads Certification

Demonstrates expertise using Google Display to deliver results that get the most from display advertising investment. Certified users have mastered the development and optimization of effective Display strategies and campaigns that achieve specific marketing goals. This Certification recognizes the ability to:

  • Translate a vision for online marketing into a coherent digital marketing strategy
  • Develop a Google Display strategy consistent with wider company marketing plans
  • Generate a plan to increase awareness, consideration, action and retention using Google Display
  • Develop a plan to reach new and existing customers with Google Display Audiences
  • Ensure Display marketing plan is in alignment with digital marketing budget

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Google Shopping Ads Google Shopping Ads Certification

Demonstrates mastery of creating and customizing effective Shopping campaigns. Certified users have demonstrated knowledge of how to create and optimize Shopping campaigns that maximize reach and conversions. This Certification recognizes the ability to:

  • Explain how to grow a retail business with Google
  • Explain how Shopping ads work
  • Articulate the importance of Google Policy in the Shopping Ads Ecosystem
  • Identify core components of Google Shopping policy
  • Describe how Merchant Center and a product feed support Shopping Ads strategy
  • Choose the appropriate campaign type for the marketing objectives
  • Describe how Smart Shopping Campaigns work and their key benefits

Google Ads Measurement Google Ads Measurement Certification

Demonstrates the ability to measure and optimize digital ad performance using Google's measurement solutions. Certified users have demonstrated an understanding of the metrics that matter and are able to turn key insights into action to improve Google Ads performance and make an impact on a business. This Certification recognizes the ability to:

  • Translate marketing objectives into measurable actions
  • Set up tracking effectively to measure sales, app downloads/installs and/or leads
  • Understand how to analyze and act on insights from conversion tracking data
  • Choose the right attribution model according to business goals

Google Analytics Google Analytics Individual Qualification

Google Analytics enables the study of data across all digital platforms and devices in order to understand how users interact with the totality of a company's online presence. It provides reliable, actionable measurements; intuitive and flexible reports; cross-platform attribution; behavioral predictions driven by machine learning; identification of growth opportunities; and much more. Google Analytics is an essential tool for both Search Engine Optimization and Google Ads Advertising.

The Google Analytics Individual Qualification demonstrates proficiency in advanced concepts of the Google Analytics platform including planning and principles; implementation and data collection; configuration and administration; conversion and attribution; and reports, metrics, and dimensions. This Qualification recognizes the ability to:

  • Understand the core principles of the Google Analytics platform and apply them to real-life situations
  • Use Google Analytics to develop effective strategies and run more effective marketing campaigns
  • Interpret the visitor behavior that Google Analytics gathers
  • Apply best practices in utilizing analytics intelligence to improve marketing campaigns

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