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I will find all the keywords that people search for in your industry on which your website can be competitive and economically get better leads and more sales - including long-tail keywords that are more precise, signal more specific intent, and have higher business value - along with critical statistics like search volume, level of competition and ranking difficulty.

Using the right keywords will increase the return from your technology investment by getting more converting traffic, generating higher-quality leads, acquiring new customers, making more and bigger sales, and enhancing the legitimacy and reputation of your business.

A partial list of issues that my Advanced Keyword Research will cover includes:

Find the most profitable keywords in your niche

Find keywords with low competition

Find keywords with the right intent

Find keywords that resonate with your target audience

Answer search queries better than your competitors

Fill content gaps with information your competitors don't have

Optimize the filenames and ALT text of your images

Get Google Featured Snippets placements

Here's an example of a small sample of the results of keyword research starting from "maine resort hotel"

: Maine Resort Hotel Keywords

The table above shows:

  • Keyword
  • Intent: Commercial (C): User wants to investigate a brand, product or service; Navigational (N): User wants to find a specific web page or website; Transactional (T): User is ready to complete a conversion action; Informational (I): User is seeking the answer to a specific question
  • Volume: Average number of monthly searches in the past 12 months
  • Keyword Difficulty: How easy it is to rank for this keyword, on a scale of 0 (very easy) to 100 (very difficult)
  • CPC: Average price Google Ads advertisers are paying for a click on an ad triggered by this keyword

What will Advanced Keyword Research cost?

Lifetime Value of Keyword ResearchAdvanced Keyword Research is an investment in your future business success, not a cost. The size of your investment will depend a lot on the size of your website, the business sector in which you operate, and the scope of your operations (local or global). To get a quick quote, just complete and send the short form below.

How long does an Advanced Keyword Research take?

I will complete and report your keyword research within 5 business days.

Do you guarantee results of your keyword research?

100% Money Back GuaranteeI guarantee to complete keyword research with professional skill, on time and within budget. I cannot and will not guarantee specific traffic increases, search rankings, ad positions or costs per click - because those metrics depend heavily on factors beyond my control including changes in Google's algorithms, actions of your competitors, changes in your industry, and world events like wars and natural disasters.

Follow this link to see more about my Money Back Guarantee, or this one to see more about Our SEO for Sales System SM.


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