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David H. Boggs, MS Google Search Marketing
Thanks for taking the time to visit this page. I know you're busy. But if you're thinking about working with me, I want to get out onto the table right up front some of the reasons my agency and I may not be the best fit for some organizations.

I can produce website traffic and conversions, but not work miracles.

A big part of my job in working with clients is managing expectations.

It's unusual, but campaigns can and do fail because of circumstances outside the control of either you or me: world events, economic crises, natural disasters, disruptions of your industry, drastic changes in Google's ranking algorithms, actions of your competitors, and more.

Accordingly, I will only take on assignments that have a reasonable expectation of success.

Although I can't guarantee the success of campaigns, I will guarantee to do whatever it takes to find out why a campaign is underperforming, and use that knowledge to develop potential future strategies.

I need feedback from you on how campaigns are performing in meeting your business goals.

Because I usually won't have direct access to your most meaningful financial performance indicators like value of conversions, sales revenues and margins, or return on ad spend.

Your sharing that kind of information with me enables me to optimize your campaigns so they make more money for you.

New companies, new business models and new markets are harder to optimize campaigns for than stable, proven ones.

With any of those key business dimensions new and unproven, compared to a more established business, we'll be dealing with many variables with initially unknown impact on campaign success. I'll need to spend a certain amount of time poking sticks into things to see what happens. Inevitably that will slow down progress in growing traffic and conversions.

For those reasons, in this kind of situation, I need to be especially diligent about managing expectations, communicating risks and interpreting metrics. You'll need to bear with me on that.

I can't close leads single-handed.

People shopping and buying online expect instant gratification.

Your website needs to load fast and work perfectly for users. If a customer or potential customer sends you a form, someone needs to act on it same-day. Phones need to be answered.

More traffic will mean more work for your staff, maybe even adding staff. You need to be prepared for this.

I'm not running a one-stop shop.

I do search marketing and advertising using Google Ads and SEO for Google organic search. And I do those things well, have done for a long time.

I will drive converting traffic from Google to your website that gets you new, more profitable customers, makes more sales for your business, and puts money in your bank account.

I don't do social-media marketing, content development, reputation management, influencer marketing, etc. I stick to my Google knitting.

I also don't do web design or coding. The money-making improvements to your web pages that I prescribe - and my prescriptions will be very specific - will have to be done by you via CSS, or by third parties. I can recommend any necessary experts.

It takes time to see results from search marketing.

Depending on the volume of business you do, just as a rule of thumb, expect it to take 90 days for a new Google Search Marketing campaign to get to the point of being scalable.

Some take less time, some take more. It depends on the nature of your business and its competitive arena.

Google's Artificial Intelligence (AI) - which plays a critical role in both Google Ads and SEO campaigns - needs clickthroughs and conversions above certain threshold levels in order to have enough data to work with in delivering impressions that result in profitable clicks.

Short version: It takes time to optimize a campaign to the point where it can be profitably scaled up. But it's worth the wait.

Bottom Line: I Want Your Business

More than anything, I want to help you make your business a bigger success, and make you more money.

I hope nothing I've said here discourages you from engaging with me to discuss a potential business relationship.

My aim here is simply to begin a new relationship on a basis of truth and transparency.

So - whether we're going to be able to work together, or not, I wish you success in your business, and lots of money in the bank.

- David

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