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picture element provides fallback images Picture Element Demo
HTML Picture element prevents broken graphics and layout shifts in web pages by providing images in a safe fallback format.

responsive container that avoids image layout shift Responsive Container Demo
Placing web images in responsive containers avoids Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) - a component of Core Web Vitals which Google began to use as ranking factors in 2021 - caused by delayed loading of image files.

JSON-LD for structured data markup Structured Data Markup Demo
Correctly using structured data markup in your articles and blog posts can make your content stand out in Google Search results by including it in enhanced displays like top-stories carousels and rich results with headline text and large images.

responsive images for screens of all sizes Responsive Images Demo
With Google’s “mobile first” policy, it’s more important than ever for pages to be optimized for mobile devices without compromising performance on desktops.

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