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24 December 2019 (Edited 26 December 2019)

Free for one analysis of one website daily

SEO Site Checkup is the Swiss Army Knife of free SEO tools: along with on-page factors it checks loading speed, security, mobile-friendliness, and more.

I gave it a trial spin on one of our websites that was built around 1998 and only minimally updated since: IrelandTourismCentre.com , which looks like this:

To start the analysis, just go to https://seositecheckup.com, enter your site URL and click Checkup!:

After just a few seconds, the tool comes back with an overall grade (0-100) and counts of passed and failed checks and warnings:

Following that, the tool presents first COMMON SEO ISSUES, beginning with:

Other checks in this section (most of which our site passed) include:

  • Most common keywords test
  • Keywords usage test
  • Keywords cloud test
  • Heading tags test
  • Robots.txt test
  • Sitemap test
  • SEO friendly URL test
  • Image ALT test
  • Inline CSS test
  • Deprecated HTML tags test, which our site failed:

The tool found our page to have 6 instances of the HTML 4 underline tag (<u>), now deprecated.

Behind that HOW TO FIX button is this helpful information:

Then, continuing, the tool shows more results of COMMON SEO tests:

  • Google Analytics test
  • Favicon test
  • JavaScript error test
  • Social media test, which our site FAILED because social media hadn't yet been invented when it was built.

NEXT, the tool presented results of SPEED OPTIMIZATIONS tests:

  • HTML page size test
  • HTML compression/GZIP test
  • Site loading speed test
  • Page objects test
  • Page cache test
  • Flash test
  • CDN usage test (A CDN is a Content Delivery Network - search on Google for explanation)
  • Image caching test
  • JavaScript caching test
  • CSS caching test
  • JavaScript minification test
  • CSS minification test
  • Nested tables test
  • Frameset test
  • Doctype test
  • URL redirects test

Next up are SERVER AND SECURITY tests:

  • URL canonicalization test
  • HTTPS test
  • Safe browsing test
  • Server signature test
  • Directory browsing test
  • Plaintext emails test


  • Media query responsive test
  • Mobile snapshot test, which looked like this:

Next, ADVANCED SEO tests:

  • Structured data test
  • Custom 404 error page test
  • Noindex tag test
  • Canonical tag test
  • Nofollow tag test
  • Disallow directive test
  • SPF records test

And finally a summary of high-, medium- and low-priority fixes recommended:

How cool is that? And free! A premium version is available for $24.95 a month that will let you do 300+ reports per month.

(As usual, no one has compensated me for this review. I just like the product.)

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