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Longer mobile video ads convert better
25 February 2023 (Edited )
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31-60 second ads convert up to 50% better than shorter videos

Longer mobile video ads convert better

Redwood, CA-based mobile advertising specialists Liftoff have released a report showing that based on data from their customers (mainly mobile app creators) video ads 31-60 seconds long are converting at "up to" 50% higher rates than do shorter video ads.

They theorize that this is happening because longer ads are better able to showcase the features of apps, and better permit ads to tell stories.

Their recommendations for video advertisers are:

  • To save time and money, rather than starting from scratch, stitch together some existing shorter videos.
  • Develop a well-rounded story with a compelling hook and a satisfying conclusion.
  • Use longer ads to show off the features of your app and reach a broader audience.

Comments: Some mobile video ad facts

  • Among ad formats, video ads most engage the user.
  • 75% of video ads are consumed on mobile devices.
  • 98% of persons aged 18-34 watch videos on smartphones daily.
  • More than 60% of digital video campaigns were run on mobile devices in 2022.
  • Smartphone owners use their devices an average of 170 minutes daily.
  • Mobile video ads lend themselves to both behavioral and contextual targeting.
  • Mobile video campaigns can be developed and deployed at lower cost than traditional ad forms.
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Subhead 31-60 second ads convert up to 50% better than shorter videos
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