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Google introduces Ads Creative Studio one-stop video, display and audio ad builder
26 June 2021 (Edited )
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Ads Creative Studio includes Director Mix and Audio Mixer plus dynamic and HTML5 tools

Google this week announced the introduction of Ads Creative Studio which is intended to facilitate teamwork by designers, agencies, brands and media planners and be "a unified home for Google's creative advertising tools, to help you build compelling experiences for video, display and audio ads."

Initially, Ads Creative Studio will be available in beta only to Google's Display & Video 360 (formerly DoubleClick Bid Manager) customers - that is, programmatic ad buyers.

Features that will be available in one place at Ads Creative Studio include:

  • Director Mix - previously available only to selected advertisers - which enables the customization of creative for different audiences by building multiple versions of a YouTube video ad with swappable elements.
  • Dynamic display and HTML5 tools for generating customized, interactive creative for Display & Video 360 and Campaign Manager 360
  • Audio Mixer and new dynamic audio tools for building custom audio ads for Display & Video 360 at scale

A new Project Library supports integrated multimedia asset construction and management so that, e.g., one team can maintain creative elements while another uses them in campaigns. Teams can use a common workflow across video, display and audio ads and easily create custom messages.

Ads Creative Studio is intended to improve collaboration across and within teams by enabling multiple users to work together on a project, and reuse creative assets across projects.

All output from Ads Creative Studio can be exported to other Google advertising products including Google Ads, Display & Video 360 and Campaign Manager 360.

Ads Creative Studio is scheduled to be available in beta to Google's Display & Video 360 customers by 1 August 2021 and to some YouTube Ads customers in September.

New features will be announced as they're added.

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Subhead Ads Creative Studio includes Director Mix and Audio Mixer plus dynamic and HTML5 tools
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