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See your actual browser page loading times, Core Web Vitals performance and more with GTmetrix
28 April 2021 (Edited )
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This tool actually loads your page in browser and at location of your choice

GTmetrix speed test is unique

Web page speed test tool by Vancouver, BC-based GTmetrix has a combination of features not found in any other popular tool:

  • It uses Google Lighthouse to measure download speed, so results are consistent with what Google is seeing.
  • Except for unsubscribed, free version It offers a choice of browsers and download locations. (See map, above.)
  • It actually downloads the page in a browser.
  • Along with download speed, it analyzes your page structure and outputs Core Web Vitals metrics and other useful information.
  • It identifies page loading problems and provides suggestions for solutions.

Here's an example: free online, unsubscribed test of the index page of[/i]

Starting from the home page of

Just enter your page URL as I have, and click Test Your Site.

Notice that because I haven't signed in, download location has defaulted to Vancouver, BC and browser to desktop Google Chrome. Other options are available to signed-in subscribers.

After just a few seconds, the tool came back with the report below. This is the first screen:

Notice all the information GTmetrix has compressed into this simple screen:

  • A screen shot of the page
  • Date/time
  • Download location
  • Browser version
  • Google Lighthouse version
  • Letter grade
  • Performance score (0-100)
  • Structure score (0-100)
  • The 3 Core Web Vitals metrics

Note the little "?" icons near each of the metrics - in the live page you could click on those to get explanations of what things mean.

The next screen has 6 tabs across the top. If you're not a subscriber, and don't have a video on the page you tested, you won't have anything behind the Video or History tabs.

But the first 4 tabs are full of useful information. For brevity, I'm showing just what's behind the Performance tab: Core Web Vitals metrics and related metrics, and qualitative labels ("Good" etc.):

The final screen shows Browser Timings - "milestones reported by the browser" - in a great deal of detail, with explanations behind the "?" icons:

GTmetrix's 4 plans for subscribers range from Free (50 weekly tests) to $40 (not sure if that's CAD or USD) for 250 weekly tests and other benefits.

The GTmetrix speed test makes a fine addition to any web developer's or SEO's toolbox.

And GTmetrix isn't compensating me in any way to say that.

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Subhead This tool actually loads your page in browser and at location of your choice
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