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John Mueller: Factors that can affect how long it takes Google to index new content [VIDEO]
02 July 2021 (Edited )
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High-quality, frequently updated websites are most likely to have new content indexed quickly

Google: Update frequently to get new content indexed faster

In a video in the #AskGooglebot series posted to YouTube on Wednesday, Google Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller addressed a user's question: "How long does SEO take for new pages?"

Mr. Mueller's answer:

  • "It depends."
  • It can take Google several hours to several weeks to index new content.
  • Factors that can cause indexing to take longer include:
    • Lesser importance of your website vs. others that need to be crawled
    • Technical website issues that slow down Googlebot's crawl
    • Server overload that causes slow page loads
  • Things you can do to get new content indexed faster include:
    • Update frequently. Google can index new content on news sites within minutes of posting.
    • Create prominent internal links to new content, maybe from your home page.
    • Avoid unnecessary URLs like perpetual calendars and filters for category pages.
    • Submit sitemaps and use the Search Console inspection tool for individual URLs.
    • Most importantly: Ensure your website has high-quality content throughout so that Google prioritizes indexing it - make your site "fantastic."

Mr. Mueller also pointed out that Google doesn't guarantee to index any content and in fact does not index a lot of content that's on the Internet including duplicate content, mirror images of other content, content that's not useful, URLs with many parameters that don't add value.

Also, regarding indexing vs. ranking: Your page being indexed doesn't guarantee anything in the way of ranking, or that it will be displayed prominently in Google Search.


According to :

  • Google's index contains around 35 trillion pages and 100,000,000 GB of data.
  • On average Google processes 40,000 queries per second, 2.4M per minute, 3.5B daily.
  • Google has a 92.7% share of searches worldwide.
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Subhead High-quality, frequently updated websites are most likely to have new content indexed quickly
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