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Use LSIGraph to find keywords that enhance the relevance of your content in Google semantic search
05 March 2019 (Edited )
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How cool would it be to be able easily to find SEO keywords that Google's ranking algorithm believes to be highly correlated with real users' search queries for what you're selling? There's a tool for that...

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is a technology used by Google to identify and analyze words people use when searching for something.


When I do a Google search for "maine vacation," Google gives me this list of searches related to maine vacation:

maine vacations packages

best vacation spots in maine for couples

best vacation spots in maine for families

maine vacation rentals

portland maine vacations

southern maine vacations

maine map

best places to stay in maine

Those suggestions are based on thousands of actual search queries sent to Google by people that Google's algorithm has figured out are looking for a maine vacation.

Based on those thousands of searches and how the searchers responded when offered links to various web pages, Google knows that those phrases are highly correlated with content that's relevant to maine vacation. That is, the content of pages containing those phrases is likely to be very relevant to maine vacation , which increases the probability of Google serving links to these pages in response to searches.

So if an easy way could be found to identify LSI keywords that are relevant to what we're selling, we could just incorporate them into our content.

Instead of a page stuffed with several repetitions of "maine vacation," we could have one that mentions vacation spots in maine, best places to stay, vacation packages, family vacations, map of maine, etc.

Enter LSIGraph :

To use the free version - which delivers a limited number of keywords but plenty to start with - just open that page, where you'll find this simple interface:

Just tick the reCAPTCHA box, enter a logical root keyword, and click GENERATE. I'm going to use maine vacation.

After a few seconds, LSIGraph returned a list of 56 keywords, starting with these:

Nothing could be simpler.

Try working some of the initially suggested keywords into your content, and watch what happens to your Google Analytics numbers, particularly traffic, bounce rates and conversions.

The free version of LSIGraph is limited to 3 searches a day. If you're seeing good results and want more, there are 2 paid options ($24 and $27 monthly) that offer unlimited searches, unlimited keywords, various analytics and PDF/CSV keyword export.

If LSIGraph works well for you, drop me an e-mail and I'll share your experience with others.

As always, my review was not sought by the developer, and I was not compensated in any way.

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