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53% of remote workers want to take a bleisure trip
13 March 2023 (Edited )
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Including 65% of those aged 18-34

Remote workers want to combine business with leisure in 2023

A new poll by global researchers YouGov finds that 53% of Americans who are able to work remotely would like to take a leisure trip during which they can continue to work remotely.

Most popular types of destinations cited by respondents (47%) included places with natural landscapes like lakes, mountains, the countryside or somewhere close to the beach/coast.

Another 41% said they would want to visit islands, and 38% chose historical towns.

36% would pick a destination close to family members.

Top 10 specific US destinations were:

  1. Hawaii 39%
  2. Florida 35%
  3. California 34%
  4. New York 33% (unknown if NY State or NYC)
  5. Colorado 25%
  6. Texas 23%
  7. Arizona 23%
  8. North Carolina 20%
  9. Washington (unknown if state or DC) 20%
  10. Boston 19%

Top 10 international destinations:

  1. Italy 42%
  2. Australia 36%
  3. Canada 32%
  4. Caribbean 32%
  5. France 32%
  6. UK 32%
  7. Spain 31%
  8. New Zealand 28%
  9. Iceland 24%
  10. Germany 24%

Data were collected from 700+ US adults who said they are able to work remotely and would be able to travel between February 2023 and January 2024.

Poll being taken around January-February probably accounts for bias toward warm-weather destinations. Apparently household income data were not collected, and the question put to respondents allowed them to make their own assumption as to whether cost would be on object or not. So results are probably best interpreted in terms of aspirational destinations.

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