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Mobile search ad spend expected to rise 19% in 2019 to $88B
25 November 2019
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Google accounts for 95.4% of mobile searches worldwide

International investment intelligence service WARC reports that although overall growth of search advertising spend in 2019 has been the softest since 2015, mobile spend is expected to rise 19.2% to $88.1B by the end of the year.

Biggest country markets for mobile search advertising are:

  1. USA: $38B, 43% share
  2. China $19B, 22% share
  3. Japan $6B, 7% share
  4. UK $5B, 6% share

Google's share of mobile searches:

  • Worldwide 95%
  • USA 94%
  • UK 98%
  • China 0% (Baidu 80%)

How consumers use different digital platforms:

  • Discovery of products:
    1. Instagram 69%
    2. Snap 64%
    3. Facebook 61%
  • Research:
    1. Google 70%
    2. Pinterest 51%
  • Buy:
    1. Amazon 78%
    2. Google 40%

Some search advertising statistics:

  • Google mobile search ads have an average conversion rate of 3.5%.
  • Global search spend has increased by 9.6% in 2019 to $135.9B
  • 19% of online purchases begin with a search engine.
  • Search has a 22% share of all ad spend, 46% of online ad spend.


If you're using Google mobile search ads, do they convert at 3.5% or better? If not, first thing to do before trying to draw more ad views is to fix conversion rate through A/B testing or whatever else it takes.

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