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Addressing challenges in Conversion Rate Optimization in the travel vertical

22 August 2019 (Edited 22 August 2019)

Travel CRO differs from that for retail in that customers have to consider and make multiple decisions

E-commerce software company Monetate has published an interview with Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) practitioner Danielle Schwolow of Florida-based digital agency Multiplica US on the subject of Conversion Rate Optimization and the Travel Industry.

Key points:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making it easier for digital travel marketers to "provide exceptional experiences...and win bookings with the least spend."
  • CRO for travel requires a "series of ever-evolving experiments" run in parallel across device types.
  • Travel CRO differs from that for retail in that customers have to consider and make multiple decisions - when, where, what to do, etc. - making trip planning and booking a complex and lengthy process.
  • Retargeting -e.g., storing a user's search history to avoid having to go back to Square One - can produce double-digit improvement in clickthrough rate.
  • Using AI to personalize content in real time is "pretty cool stuff."
  • Effective personalization for CRO requires a strong testing strategy that works with your brand and marketing team.
  • Clunky end-of-funnel checkout processes - too many form fields to create account, etc. - result in cart abandonment.
  • Marketers should be able to make simple ad/website changes (text, colors, etc.) themselves without involvement of creative or development people.
  • Multi-touch retargeting makes it easier for users to engage with a product with fewer clicks.
  • In testing, always have a specific goal, and a KPI to measure success.
  • Biggest travel CRO challenges:
    • Lack of data
    • Poor data
    • Lack of clear strategy
    • Fragmented marketing
    • Avoiding overextending resources


For further insights into the application of Artificial Intelligence to Web Content Management and Digital Experience Platforms, see the Gartner report Applying AI to WCM and DXP - Key Use Cases.

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