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Travel and Leisure Google Ads: clicks and clickthrough rate up year-on-year, cost per click down in 3Q2019

09 January 2020 (Edited 10 January 2020)

Average Cost Per Click was $0.47, down from $0.53 in 3Q2018

The Digital Advertising Benchmark Report Q3 2019 released this week by Marin Software shows for Google Ads paid search:

  • Click volume increased by 2.9% vs.3Q2018
  • Average clickthrough rate increased to 14.30% vs. 12.37% in 3Q2018
  • Average cost per click dropped to $0.47 from $0.53 in 3Q2018

while for all industries:

  • Click volume increased by 17.1%
  • Average clickthrough rate decreased to 2.32% vs. 2.70% in 3Q2018
  • Average cost per click dropped to $0.94 from $1.05 in 3Q2018

Only the Retail sector at $0.35 had a lower cost per click than Travel and Leisure.

Education clicks were the most expensive, averaging $3.30.

In the Travel and Leisure sector, Mobile spend made up 50% of total search ad spend, up from 45% in 3Q2018.

So, takeaways for Google Ads in Travel and Leisure:

  • Click volume continues to increase.
  • Clickthrough rates are terrific.
  • Clicks on are bargain-priced compared with clicks in almost every other industry.
  • Mobile ad spend will likely overtake desktop spend in 2020.

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