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Google announces 'Limited Ad Serving' for Google Ads
02 September 2023 (Edited )
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'guide advertisers and build trust with users'

Google announces 'Limited Ad Serving' for Google Ads

Google Director/Product Management/Ads Safety Alejandro Borgia announced Thursday in a post on Google Ads Help what he characterizes as "a new approach to improving ad clarity": Limited Ads Serving.

In executing this policy, Google will be implementing a "get-to-know-you" period for advertisers with whom they are "less familiar," during which ad impressions may be limited. Stated intent is to "reduce the risk of scams and help prevent confusing and misleading ads."

Mr. Borgia said that Google wants to help ensure that "new, well-intentioned advertisers" accumulate some trust before their campaigns realize full reach, while curbing the reach of "bad actors."

Initial application of the policy will affect situations where "the relationship between an advertiser and a brand referenced in their ad is unclear." Advertisers expected to be affected are those that "lack a history of policy compliance and transparency."

Mr. Borgia went on to say:

"It’s also important to us that we keep our platform open to new advertisers and give them the opportunity to deliver a helpful experience. This policy won’t block or remove any ad from our platform, and any limitations on an ad will only apply in certain scenarios like when a user could be confused by an advertiser's brand identity. We’ll be rolling out this policy gradually and making adjustments to ensure it’s working effectively."

Google plans to notify advertisers who are impacted by this new policy, and give them help in getting "qualified."

Impact on small advertisers is expected to be minimal. But it's good to be aware of this new initiative.

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Subhead 'guide advertisers and build trust with users'
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