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GLAAD: LGBTQ community is underrepresented in advertising
29 June 2023
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LGBTQ account for 1.4% of ad screen time vs. 7.2% of population

LGBTQ persons account for 1.4% of ad screen time vs. 7.2% of population

A recent post on ThinkWithGoogle reports on an interview with Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis by Google VP/Marketing for Global Devices and Services Adrienne Hayes on the subject of LGBTQ representation in ads.

Discussion centered on the results of GLAAD's Advertising Visibility Index 2023 report.

Some highlights from GLAAD research findings:

  • Americans are twice as likely to buy a brand that demonstrates a commitment to expanding LGBTQ rights.
  • But mixed signals from consumers leave brands unsure about inclusivity in marketing.
  • Based on its size, the LGBTQ community is underrepresented in advertising: 1.4% of screen time vs. 7.2% of population.
  • 3 out of 4 non-LGBTQ adults say they feel comfortable seeing LGBTQ people in advertisements.
  • Fewer than 40% of survey respondents reported noticing LGBTQ representation in the most recent Super Bowl ads.
  • 1 in 5 members of US Gen Z identifies as LGBTQ.
  • Members of Gen Z are 1.5X as likely to say advertisers don't appropriately represent LGBTQ people.

Comment: Findings re Gen Z are significant because they are the up-and-coming generation of consumers. How are they feeling about your advertising? (Too bad GLAAD didn't collect any data on how inclusivity in advertising affected brands' take at the cash register.)

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Subhead LGBTQ account for 1.4% of ad screen time vs. 7.2% of population
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