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Google adds new AdWords insight cards: Device Shift, Top vs. Other

06 February 2018

Google has added 2 new Insights cards to the AdWords Overview page.

The first is called the Device Shift card, which Google says

"... lets you know when there’s a significant change in the percentage of your ad impressions that came from a specific type of device. If most of your impressions typically come from one type of device and that has changed recently, you’ll see this card appear."


The actionability of this information lies in the ability to make bid adjustments for devices, as described here:


The second one is called the Top vs. Other card. This lets you know

",,,when there's significant change in the percentage of impressions that happened when your ad appeared above the organic search results. If most of your impressions typically happen above the organic search results and that has changed recently, you’ll see this card appear."


In this case, a change in bid strategy might be in order, as explained here:


Even though Google's primary motivation in creating all these nice enhancements to it products is, I'm sure, to gain advertising share and revenues, I can't help admiring the way they're constantly improving AdWords and Analytics to improve the odds of success for users. Good on Google.

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