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What makes the perfect mobile ad for teens and millennials
17 October 2016 (Edited )
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EMarketer has reported results of a May 2016 survey by Verve Mobile of US Internet users aged 14-29 who were asked what elements would make for a “perfect” mobile ad experience.

Top responses:

  • Can save and access later 46%
  • Safety seal of approval 45%
  • Adds coupon or offer to mobile wallet 40%
  • Customized based on products user wants to buy 39%
  • Easy to share 34%
  • Includes product availability and store location 34%
  • Can buy directly from ad 33%
  • Interactive and engaging 24%
  • Relevant by proximity and location 23%

Article also contains results of research by IAB, Celtra, PadSquad and Millward Brown on brand metrics on which expandable banners vs. ad scrollers have a positive effect

Some insights into those survey responses from teens and millennials:

  • Save and access later” and “easily shared”: Being able to tap into those is a marketer’s dream come true. But almost certainly ads must be entertaining above all else in order for these to apply. The trick is to with the same ad move the viewer into some level of a sales funnel.
  • One out of 3 want to be able to buy directly from the ad. But that’s surely very much conditional on product category and price, and most true for low-priced, familiar products. And don’t be pushy.
  • Safety seal”: On almost a daily basis TV news today is carrying stories about high-school and/or college students who are very concerned about safety on their campuses or in the neighborhoods where they live. So getting a seal of approval seems like a win-win for marketers and prospects.

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