eMarketer reports that a poll by Ipsos" /> Among Affluents Millennials Spend the Most Time Online

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Among Affluents Millennials Spend the Most Time Online
13 November 2016 (Edited )
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eMarketer reports that a poll by Ipsos has found that the average Millennial household with $100K+ HHI spends 53 hours per week online, vs. 45 for affluent Gen X, 37 for affluent Boomers and 28 for affluent Seniors.

53 hours/week equates to about 7.5 hours/day.

eMarketer estimates that the average US adult Internet user spends 2 hours 49 minutes daily going online via PC plus 2 hours 30 minutes daily in non-voice mobile activities, for a total of 5 hours 42 minutes in digital media activities daily.

Is that cause, or effect? Do affluent millennials get that way by spending more time online, or does becoming affluent free up time for surfing the Web? Either way, that extra 1.8 hours/day of online time (vs. the average US adult) has the potential to expose them to almost 32% more messages daily. Plenty of opportunity there to make them aware of the many ways in which their lives could be made better.

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