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I will analyze your website and provide a comprehensive report with specific, actionable recommendations for website changes that will increase the return from your technology investment by getting more converting traffic, acquiring new customers, generating higher-quality leads, making more and bigger sales, and enhancing the legitimacy and reputation of your brand.

Get an Expert SEO Audit of Your Website by an Engineer

Technical search engine optimization (SEO) contributes to enhanced website performance by making pages:

Faster loading, easier to navigate and more usable, for better user experience

Mobile-friendly, because under Google's policy of mobile-first indexing, the version of a website's content seen by the smartphone Googlebot crawler is used for indexing and ranking.

More easily understood and more accurately indexed and ranked against queries by Google’s BERT, MUM and other algorithms

Unique as to content, to avoid competition among pages that results in lower rankings for all

Up to date, by redirecting the URLs of retired pages to current alternatives and avoiding 404 (Not Found) errors

Safe for users, through use of TLS (Transport Layer Security, successor to now deprecated Secure Socket Layer) - a protocol for encrypting internet traffic and verifying server identity

A partial list of issues that my SEO audit will cover includes:

Issues Technical SEO can fix
  • Failed Google Core Web Vitals assessments
  • Broken links and 404 errors
  • Excessive HTTP requests
  • Uncompressed HTML
  • HTML errors
  • Incomplete implementation of TLS protocol
  • Slow-loading image, audio and video files
  • Duplicate content
  • Unindexed pages
  • Inaccurate XML sitemap
  • Orphan pages
  • Inadequate internal links and navigation
  • Non-critical CSS and Javascript files that slow down page rendering
  • Duplicate titles and meta description tags that cause ranking competition between pages
  • Unused stylesheet code that slows page loading
  • Missing Google Analytics tracking code
  • White space and HTML comments that slow page loading
  • Images that could delay loading until after critical resources have been rendered
  • Static assets not cached
  • Page titles and meta descriptions too long or too short
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Pages blocked by robots.txt file
  • Missing canonical tags
  • Use of Flash
  • Mobile unfriendliness: too-small text, clickable elements too close together
  • No custom 404 error page
  • Illusion of completeness leaving critical content unread

What will an SEO audit cost?

An SEO audit is an investment in your future business success, not a cost. The size of your investment will depend a lot on the size of the website, the platform on which it's built, the business sector in which you operate, and the scope of your operations (local or global). But my fee for most audits will be in the range of $1,000 to $10,000.

How long does an SEO audit take?

I will complete and report your SEO audit within 30 days. I can complete audits of some smaller websites faster than that, and can do “rush” jobs for an additional fee.

Do you guarantee results of your audits?

I guarantee to complete audits with professional skill, on time and within budget. I cannot and will not guarantee specific traffic increases, search rankings, ad positions or costs per click - because those metrics depend heavily on factors beyond my control including changes in Google's algorithms, actions of your competitors, changes in your industry, and world events such as the COVID-19 pandemic or the war in Ukraine.

Follow this link to see more about my Money Back Guarantee, or this one to see more about Technical SEO.


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