Visual marketing platform provider<" /> Travel marketing guide to Millennials [REPORT]

Travel marketing guide to Millennials [REPORT]
16 February 2017 (Edited )
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Visual marketing platform provider Pixlee has published The Travel Marketing Guide to the Millennial Traveler : " A handbook for tourism marketers looking to reach, appeal to, and build lasting relationships with Millennial guests."


  • Millennials (Gen Y) number more than 83M in the US - the largest American demographic group.
  • Millennials spend $200B-$300B on travel annually.
  • 66% consider travel a very important part of their lives.
  • They take 3 domestic trips and 2 international trips annually, on average.
  • Millennials are best reached with peer-to-peer content and personal stories, which social media help facilitate.
  • 97% of them post about their travels on social media, and share that content with their friends.
  • Other Millennials rely on that content for travel inspiration and research.
  • They are more likely to seek travel recommendations via social media than are earlier generations.
  • 85% of Millennials say they were inspired to book their most recent trip by online content.
  • 89% say they plan travel activities on the basis of online content posted by peers.
  • Three ways to reach Millennials on social media using peer-to-peer content:
    • Create Instagrammable moments; display guest photos of your location to jumpstart user-generated content.
    • Hire social brand influencers to craft a digital story that resonates with Millennials.
    • Feature content around activities, especially food, shopping and adventure.
  • Remain multi-threaded on digital:
    • 90% research travel via desktop; 89% book.
    • 74% research via smartphone or tablet; 46% book.
  • 60% of Millennials say value authentic experiences over consumer goods.
  • Things Millennials like about accommodations:
    • Trendy interiors
    • Shared workspaces
    • Free bike rental
    • Happy hours
  • Bleisure is popular: leisure experiences woven into a business trip.
  • Millennials are loyal when they see immediate and convenient returns from their loyalty.
  • 66% of Millennial frequent travelers say "unique rewards" are an important factor in choosing a loyalty program.

Be careful with "Hire social brand influencers." That may work for a while, but the majority of Millennials are (I hope) not stupid.

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