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Marketers see little return from advertising on Snapchat

Marketers see little return from advertising on Snapchat
06 April 2017 (Edited 06 April 2017)

Advertising Age and RBC Capital Markets have released the results of a survey of 1600 marketers intended to assess the state of digital advertising.


  • Snapchat received low marks compared to Google and Facebook.
  • ROI scores from marketers:
  1. Google 6.98
  2. Facebook 6.72
  3. Snapchat 3.43
  4. AOL 2.88
  • Reasons marketers gave for low Snapchat scores:
    • Increased competition from Instagram
    • Difficulty in measuring KPIs
    • Poor targeting
    • Decrease in engagement and open rates
  • Facebook's Messenger Day has a user base of 1B+, Instagram 300M, Snapchat 160M.
  • Platforms on which marketers said they're interested in advertising:
    • Instagram 64%
    • Amazon 43%
    • Spotify 40%
    • Snapchat 37%
  • Platforms on which the 1600 marketers said they plan to increase ad spend:
    • Facebook 461
    • Google 450
    • Snapchat 119

Snapchat reported losses of $515M in 2016, up from $373M in 2015.

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