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Lead Form Extensions for Google text ad campaigns now in beta
15 November 2019
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Prospects can provide contact info directly in search results

The Lead Form Extension now in beta for Google text search ads campaigns enables advertisers to capture opted-in contact info on prospects - which Google says it will not use to personalize ads served to the user - directly from search results via dropdown forms attached to ads.

When a user completes a lead form, Google Ads will count that as a lead conversion in performance reports.

Google has provided a set of eligibility requirements for the use of lead forms, including:

  • Inaccurate business names not allowed
  • Ineligible ad categories:
    • Adult-oriented
    • Alcohol-related
    • Gambling-related
    • Healthcare and medicines
    • Political content
  • Misuse of user personal information forbidden
  • Offers must be available
  • Proper trademark use required

To attach a Lead Form Extension to an existing Google Search ad:

  1. In Google Ads account, go to a Campaign, click Ads & Extensions in menu, click Extensions at top of page.
  2. Click the + button and select Lead form extension.

To create the Lead form extension, in the selected campaign, click Settings on the left menu, then in the Settings dialog click Goal:

Then expand Goal and select Leads:

In the left menu open Ads & Extensions and select Lead form extension:

In the Create your extension dialog, enter a call to action of up to 30 characters:

Then in the Create your lead form dialog:

  1. Enter headline, business name and description of your offer,
  2. Select item(s) of user information you want to collect.
  3. Provide a link to your website's Privacy Policy.
  4. Provide a background image for the ad.
  5. Save all of that.

To download a CSV file of lead data collected by Google, in your Google Ads account, click Ads & Extensions in the left menu, click Extensions at the top of the page, click Download Lead.

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Subhead Prospects can provide contact info directly in search results
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