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Google begins rollout of conversational experience in Ads
25 January 2024 (Edited )
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Chat-based feature is powered by Gemini AI

Google begins rollout of conversational experience in Ads

Google search advertisers this week are beginning to be able to use the new "conversational experience" feature powered by the Gemini AI large language model, which enables the generation of ad content - including keywords and creative - from webpage URLs.

Google claims that in early tests advertisers have created campaigns faster, with better Ad Strength scores.

Plans are to add later this year the capability of Gemini to suggest ad images from landing-page images. Images so generated will be watermarked with metadata indicating that they were produced using Gemini.

How Google says the conversational experience works:

Advertisers can ask Gemini for help with:

  • Creating new search ad headlines and descriptions
  • Generating keywords
  • Suggesting images
  • Suggesting sitelinks


  • Enter landing page URL, to get automatically generated short description of your business
  • Edit description
  • Gemini will then suggest keywords, headlines, descriptions, images and sitelinks for a campaign
  • You approve or revise all suggestions
  • When satisfied, publish campaign

Tips from Google:

  • Make requests short and to the point
  • Chat as if with a human
  • Rephrase request if not satisfied with answer
  • Observe Google Ads policies

Also, remember:

  • The model may take some time to respond to requests.
  • Image suggestions come from the landing page.
  • Check suggestions for accuracy and relevance before publishing ads


  • Conversational experience is only available for new campaigns.
  • Initial rollout is a limited beta, so you may not be able to use the conversational experience yet. When you have access, you'll be presented with the option to use it when you reach the "Keywords and ad" step of the campaign creation process.
  • Conversational experience is currently available only to advertisers in the US and the UK for English-language campaigns with ads serving in US and/or UK.

It's estimated that 84% of Google search queries will eventually be affected by gen AI, which translates to more than $40B in annual advertising revenue. Healthcare, e-commerce and B2B tech industries are expected to be the business sectors most affected.

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Subhead Chat-based feature is powered by Gemini AI
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