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Travel marketing guide to Millennials [REPORT]

Travel marketing guide to Millennials [REPORT]
16 February 2017 (Edited 27 September 2022)

Visual marketing platform provider Pixlee has published The Travel Marketing Guide to the Millennial Traveler : " A handbook for tourism marketers looking to reach, appeal to, and build lasting relationships with Millennial guests."


  • Millennials (Gen Y) number more than 83M in the US - the largest American demographic group.
  • Millennials spend $200B-$300B on travel annually.
  • 66% consider travel a very important part of their lives.
  • They take 3 domestic trips and 2 international trips annually, on average.
  • Millennials are best reached with peer-to-peer content and personal stories, which social media help facilitate.
  • 97% of them post about their travels on social media, and share that content with their friends.
  • Other Millennials rely on that content for travel inspiration and research.
  • They are more likely to seek travel recommendations via social media than are earlier generations.
  • 85% of Millennials say they were inspired to book their most recent trip by online content.
  • 89% say they plan travel activities on the basis of online content posted by peers.
  • Three ways to reach Millennials on social media using peer-to-peer content:
    • Create Instagrammable moments; display guest photos of your location to jumpstart user-generated content.
    • Hire social brand influencers to craft a digital story that resonates with Millennials.
    • Feature content around activities, especially food, shopping and adventure.
  • Remain multi-threaded on digital:
    • 90% research travel via desktop; 89% book.
    • 74% research via smartphone or tablet; 46% book.
  • 60% of Millennials say value authentic experiences over consumer goods.
  • Things Millennials like about accommodations:
    • Trendy interiors
    • Shared workspaces
    • Free bike rental
    • Happy hours
  • Bleisure is popular: leisure experiences woven into a business trip.
  • Millennials are loyal when they see immediate and convenient returns from their loyalty.
  • 66% of Millennial frequent travelers say "unique rewards" are an important factor in choosing a loyalty program.

Be careful with "Hire social brand influencers." That may work for a while, but the majority of Millennials are (I hope) not stupid.

And if you have questions or comments, you can easily send them to me with the Quick Reply form, below, or send me an e-mail.

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