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How location-based marketing can contribute to travel business success

How location-based marketing can contribute to travel business success
14 June 2017 (Edited 16 June 2017)

In an article published by the Wharton School, Carlos Garcia makes the case that social media networks and mobile devices enable businesses to gain a creative edge by using location-specific data to engage with prospects.

Key points:

  • 95% of US adults own a cell phone, and 80% of social activity is done using them.
  • Businesses can now understand where people are when posting to social media.
  • This enables businesses to send the right message at the right time, for optimal engagement with prospects.
  • Social media networks seeking advertising revenue are developing location-based products.
  • It's now possible to measure social activity by location.
  • Location-based marketing is a natural fit for travel-related businesses like restaurants, sports venues and attractions.
    • People post to social media 10X more when traveling.
    • Customer experience is critical for travel-related businesses.
  • Location-based marketing can benefit businesses in several ways:
    • Enable using a more "human" voice, to delight prospects
    • Reach beyond a single individual to that person's social-media connections
    • Observe social-media activity at competitors' locations

In another article for Social Media Examiner, Vivek Patel suggests some location-based social media monitoring tools:

  • Geofeedia claims to be able to display all social content posted by individuals in any user-defined area.
  • Sysomos is supposed to be able to integrate and filter location-based content of social-media platforms and blog posts.
  • MomentFeed is said to permit businesses to see their social-media ratings and reviews by location.
  • LocalMeasure claims to enable businesses to identify individual customers and influencers by location and read their social-media posts.

There's much food for thought here.

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