43% of US Internet users mistake native advertising for editorial content

43% of US Internet users mistake native advertising for editorial content
22 February 2017 (Edited 19 March 2017)

eMarketer reports that a September 2016 survey done by Radius Global Market Research found that 43% of respondents believed native advertising to be editorial content.

That should make some marketers jump with joy.

But on the other hand, 54% of respondents said they find native advertising to be deceptive.

Another report by Advertiser Perceptions says that 90% of US marketers and agencies had tried native advertising as of 2016. But only 33% characterize themselves as "mainstream adopters" - unchanged from 2015.

It would be interesting to see results of a survey asking those timid, lukewarm kind-of-adopters of native advertising: "Are you hesitant because you think native advertising won't deliver adequate ROI, or because of fears of a consumer backlash?"


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External Article: https://www.emarketer.com/Article/Marketers-Skeptical-of-Native-Advertising/1015196

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