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Google used Gen AI to block 5.5B bad ads in 2023
28 March 2024
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More than 90% of enforcement actions began with LLMs

Google used Gen AI to block 5.5B bad ads in 2023

Under constant scrutiny by regulators in North America and Europe, Google got really serious about blocking or removing unsafe ads in 2023.

As well as blocking those 5.5B ads from "bad actors" in 2023, Google also:

  • Restricted more than 6.9B ads
  • Suspended more than 12.7M advertiser accounts (nearly double the 2022 figure)
  • Blocked or restricted ads from serving more than 2.1B publisher pages on more than 395,000 publisher sites - nearly 2.8X vs. 2022

Primary factor behind the increase in enforcement actions in 2023 was the use of Gen AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) which can significantly sped up the identification of "bad" or "unsafe" ads and advertisers.

Specific categories of ads on which Google ramped up enforcement in 2023 included:

  • Unreliable Financial Claims such as get-rich-quick schemes, bad investment advice and digital currency scams
  • Ads featuring the likenesses of public figures, with the intent of scamming users through the use of deepfakes
  • Ads that abuse the ad network, often by promoting malware
  • Misrepresentative ads falsely implying affiliation or endorsement
  • Legally or culturally insensitive ads
  • Election ads by unverified advertisers, which contain synthetic content or which undermine participation in the democratic process

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Subhead More than 90% of enforcement actions began with LLMs
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