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American Millennials now consume more audio - including 10% from podcasts - than any other generation
25 June 2019
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Podcast listening by those aged 12-24 is up 48% from 2 years ago

New research by Ipsos for iHeartRadio on the listening habits of Americans aged 13 to 64 finds that Millennials are the biggest consumers of audio including broadcast radio, digital streaming and podcasts.


  • Broadcast radio reaches 85% of consumers weekly vs. audio from social media (68%) and live TV (56%).
  • 69% of consumers listen to broadcast radio daily vs. streaming music (34%).
  • Across all age groups, Americans spend 17.2 hours a week listening to audio, but Millennials and Gen Z listen 18 hours a week and 2.6 hours or more each day.
  • 65% of audio listening is done outside the home, most often in the car.
  • Radio is the most-used audio platform all day and at all hours.
  • Podcast listening by those aged 12-24 is up 48% from 2 years ago, and accounts for almost 10% of audio listening by Millennials.
  • 82% of podcast listeners also listen to radio.

In March 2019, Ipsos surveyed 6,016 American consumers aged 13-64 who listen to one or more audio platforms at least once a week.

iHeartRadio claims to reach 9 out of 10 Americans every month with its audio products across 250+ platforms, and to be the #1 US commercial podcast publisher.

Traditionally, radio advertising has worked best for local businesses like banks, retailers and plumbers. But tourists consume radio and other audio while on vacation, so local audio channels should work for tourism businesses the same way in-destination searches using mobile devices (e.g., "[restaurant, attraction, entertainment, etc.] near me" do.

If you've tried audio advertising of your tourism product and gotten good results, e-mail me your success story and we'll create and share a case study.

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