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Google upgrades image metadata requirements
13 October 2022 (Edited )
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Now easier to add credit and licensing information to photos

Google adds 3 new structured data properties for images

Google has added new structured data fields that make it easier to provide information about the creator, how the image can be used, and text to be used in the credit of an online image.

Structured data for images can now be created that includes the necessary additional fields, as in this example (new fields in bold):

  <script type="application/ld+json">  {  "@context": "",  "@type": "ImageObject",  "contentUrl": "",  "license": "",  "acquireLicensePage": "",  "creditText": "Labrador PhotoLab",  "creator": { "@type": "Person", "name": "Brixton Brownstone" },  "copyrightNotice": "Clara Kent"  }  </script>

Google's updated documentation says the new image metadata feature is available on both mobile and desktop, and in all regions and languages in which Google Search is available.

To make sure your images are available to users - because images get clicked on and that has the potential to make money for both you and Google - Google advises:

  • Don't hide images behind a login
  • Don't disallow access to the pages where your images are by robots.txt file or robots meta tag.
  • Submit a sitemap via Search Console.

Also, note that:

  • If an image appears multiple times on your site, the schema markup needs to be applied to each instance of the image.
  • Required properties of an ImageObject now include, in addition to contentURL, at least one of the following:
    • creator
    • creditText
    • copyrightNotice
    • license

Google recommends that after adding a new image with structured data markup you validate your code using the Rich Results Test , and use the Search Console URL Inspection Tool to test how Google sees the page. (Allow time for re-crawling and re-indexing.)

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Subhead Now easier to add credit and licensing information to photos
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