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Search engines drove the most traffic to UK hotel, aggregator and rental accommodation sites in July 2016
12 December 2016 (Edited )
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Online intelligence provider Connexity finds that in July 2016 search engines were the #1 upstream traffic source for all types of accommodation sites on its Hitwise platform: hotels, aggregators ( etc.) and rentals ( etc.).


  • Hotels (direct)
    • Search engines 52.1%
    • DMOs 14.7%
    • Social networking & forums 2.9%
    • E-mail services: 2.0%
  • Hotel aggregators:
    • Search engines 50.3%
    • DMOs 14.5%
    • Agencies 5.4%
    • Social networking & forums 4.0%
    • Transport 3.1%
  • Rentals
    • Search engines 47.3%
    • DMOs 14.8%
    • Social networking & forums 5.8%
    • Agencies 2.3%

Once again research finds that search engines are the #1 source of Web-site traffic from people looking for tourism services.

And according to Google had an 86.94% share of UK searches in October 2016.

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