Google introduces AdWords Editor 12 with custom rules and machine-learning features
24 July 2017 (Edited 24 July 2017)

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The new AdWords Editor 12 has enhancements that Google says will speed up campaign-management workflow in various ways.


If you're not already familiar with AdWords Editor, it's a free Google tool that's used to download AdWords campaign data, edit it offline, then re-upload the changed version.

New in AdWords Editor 12:

New custom rules:

  • 16 built-in custom rules let you know if your campaigns are violating certain of Google's "best practices." These rulers can be edited or disabled.
  • You can create your own custom rules to find things like empty optional fields, too large max CPC, etc.

Faster version upgrades (because more data can be migrated from old version to new vice re-entering)

Supports Max Conversions bidding strategy: This is a new feature of the latest (June 2017) version of AdWords. It uses machine learning to automatically set "ideal" bids in real time, to maximize conversions from your click budget. Can now be managed offline in the AdWords Editor.

More videos and images in Universal App Campaigns: upload your videos and images and Google selects optimal ones on a case basis by machine learning. Apps can be promoted within other apps as well as on mobile sites in the Google Display Network, Search Network, Google Play or YouTube.

New optional fields for responsive ads: logos, price prefixes, etc. with ad size automatically adjusted to fit space available on different Web pages.

System requirements are: Windows 7 or later, Mac OS X 10.7 or later.

Google changes stuff every day - hard to keep up, isn't it?

Download AdWords Editor 12.

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