David H Boggs Search Marketing Blog: Research: What makes Twitter videos successful?

Research: What makes Twitter videos successful?

Research: What makes Twitter videos successful?
08 May 2017 (Edited 16 June 2017)

Research commissioned by Twitter has identified some attributes of successful online videos.

Some key findings:

  • A 15-second video on Twitter is as memorable as a 30-second ad on television.
  • Presence/absence of sound seems not to be a factor in the effectiveness of Twitter videos.
  • A video at the top of a Twitter user's feed is more effective than subsequent videos.
  • Informative videos do better in the morning, entertaining ones do better in the evening.
  • Things that cause Twitter users to watch and click on videos in their feed:
    • Story that immediately grabs
    • People appearing within the first 3 seconds
    • Emotional intensity
    • Relevant content
    • Text/subtitles

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