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New Google research: Mobile experiences that can damage your brand

08 September 2017

According to an article by Jason Spero for Think With Google, people have higher expectations of brands with which they deal by smartphone, perhaps because they spend so much time there.

Google commissioned researchers Purchased to conduct a study in which 2000 smartphone users kept a daily diary for a week, producing data from over 17,000 interactions with brands.

Complaints users had included:

  • Slow experience - longer than 3 seconds to load (53% of mobile site visits are abandoned if pages don’t load within 3 seconds.)
  • Not being able to find information - inadequate navigation and/or search
  • Checkout friction - having to enter a lot of stuff
  • Irrelevant experiences – offers not consistent with where they are in the conversion funnel

Other findings:

  • A “neutral” experience can be a negative driver of purchase or recommendation. (Example given: seeing an ad for flights to Mexico when searching for flights to Florida)
  • Smartphone users hate being interrupted by popups of full-screen ads that have to be scrolled through.

Some statistics:

  • Nearly 90% of smartphone owners who describe a brand experience as helpful or relevant say they would purchase from that brand again.
  • When people have a negative interaction with a brand on mobile, they’re 60% less likely to purchase from that brand in future.

The finding about “neutral experiences” seems pretty thin. I wouldn’t categorize the example of finding Mexico ads while doing a Florida search “neutral” at all.

But the findings re speed, navigation, search, checkout and timing of offers all make sense and are actionable.

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