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HEBS Digital: The "Google Ecosystem" for hoteliers

07 September 2017 (Edited 07 September 2017)

This article by Max Starkov and Carmine Fischetti for HEBS Digital provides a great overview of what they term the “Google Ecosystem” that’s available to hoteliers.

Some key points:

  • Latest desktop SERPs have 4 ad spots vs. 11 previously, increasing competition (and CPC).
  • Mobile SERPs allow no more than 3 listings, making for even greater competition.
  • Consumer travel planning behavior - visits to an average of 18 sites during 8 sessions - complicates the situation further.
  • New technologies make targeting options very complex.

Some of the Google tools currently available to hoteliers include:

  • YouTube TrueView
  • Gmail Ads
  • Search Network
  • Display Network
  • Hotel Ads
  • Remarketing Lists for Search Ads
  • Customer Match

Authors go on to explain the interrelationships among the various Google tools.

Authors’ recommended action plan for hoteliers:

  • Use all the Google advertising formats.
  • Focus on blended results from the entire Google Ecosystem (vice standalone results from individual tools).
  • Use a single vendor to manage all Google products.
  • Use a Google-certified vendor.

Obviously those recommendations are self-serving for HEBS Digital - their USP as stated on hebsdigital.com is:

“HEBS Digital helps hoteliers around the globe drastically increase direct bookings and lower overall distribution costs by deploying industry best-of-breed digital technology, consulting and marketing.”

And they are of course a certified Google Partner agency.

But regardless, the authors’ analysis of the “Google Ecosystem” that’s available to advertisers, and the concept of focusing on the blended results therefrom, are right on the mark. Everyone who's in the hotel or tourism business - whether or not you can afford the services of HEBS DIgital - should read the full article (link below).

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