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Google publishes Playbook for Travel: How micro-moments are reshaping the travel customer journey

26 August 2016 (Edited 24 January 2017)

Quoting Google:

"There's a lot of planning that goes into traveling. And people increasingly turn to devices for help. This introduction to a six-part series reveals the consumer trends shaping these travel micro-moments, how they affect the travel customer journey, and why they matter for travel brands."

I can see that this is going to be all about mobile since in text much larger than anything else on the page Google says:

40% of U.S. travel site visits come from mobile.

Google goes on to define four kinds of travel moments that matter:

  • Dreaming moments
  • Planning moments
  • Booking moments
  • Experiencing moments

Quoting Google again:

"In this 6-part series, we'll explore:

  • The latest consumer trends that define each of these travel micro-moments and how they're affecting travel industry trends.
  • Snapshots of real travelers' research journeys, including the searches, clicks, website visits, and video views on their way to booking.
  • Actionable ideas for travel marketers to be there and to be useful in each type of micro-moment.
  • Examples of travel brands that are already seeing success with micro-moments thinking."

Looks interesting.

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