On an average day 27% of people searching online use a smartphone only
20 April 2017

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Google has published the results of an investigation into how people use Internet-connected devices on a daily basis.

Findings are based on observed behavior of a sample of opted-in users aged 18-49 using Google US in 2016.

Important findings:

In an average day:

  • 94% of users browse the Web.
  • 57% of users use more than one type of device in an average day.
  • 27% of users use only a smartphone to search online - while 14% use desktop only.
  • 21% use 2 devices concurrently.
  • Top 3 places where people use smartphones are: at home, at work, in stores.
  • Both smartphone and desktop usage are highest between approximately 8 AM and 8 PM local time.
  • 27% of smartphone users use travel and local apps; peak use time is in the evening.
  • Mobile searches for travel were up 25% in 2016 vs. 2015.
  • Top travel-related searches:
    • Mobile: car services, taxis, destination activities, dining
      • Fastest growing mobile categories: travel insurance, camping, air
    • Desktop/tablet: travel insurance, camping, city and short breaks

There's plenty actionable here:

  • Run travel ads in the evening, especially before 8PM your target market's time - particularly if selling transportation services, attractions/activities, camping or short breaks.
  • In the evening, geotarget where target population lives.
  • Create ads that work on smartphones, and ads that work on desktops/tablets, as both have very significant shares of user attention.

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