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Millennials and Boomers are more alike than we think
26 September 2016
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Ipsos Public Affairs reports some interesting findings about American Boomers and Millennials from the numbers underlying their recent US Omnibus Survey.


  • Top 5 monthly expense items: Both groups said groceries, housing, utilities, phone/Internet/cable, car.
  • Financial priorities: Both groups said keeping up with expenses, paying off credit cards, saving.
  • Satisfaction with current financial situation: Millennials are more satisfied.
  • Travel: Millennials take more vacations (78% took one in past year vs. 66% of Boomers).
  • Eating out: Millennials eat out more (83% eat out more than once a week vs. 60% of Boomers).
  • Asked to rate the importance in their lives of 8 issues (see the article for full list), ratings given by the 2 groups differed by a max of 9 percentage points on all but one: "New experiences" which 74% of Millennials said were important vs. 45% of Boomers.

It's reassuring to see that the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. For tourism purposes, it's also good to see that members of the big upcoming generation take lots of vacations and trips and eat out a lot.

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