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FREE Google Mobile-First Indexing Readiness Test

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In March 2021, Google began a 100% rollout of its "Mobile-First Indexing" update - and websites that Google finds not to be ready to be moved to the Mobile-First Index will suffer in ranking in organic search.

Things that could make your website not yet ready for Mobile-First Indexing include:

  • Content shown to users of mobile devices differs from that shown to desktop users
  • Structured data appears on desktop pages but not on mobile
  • Not all images are shown to mobile users
  • Fewer internal links are shown to mobile users
  • Internal links shown to mobile users are broken

Your report will compare desktop and mobile versions of your pages and show you any inconsistencies in:

  • Crawling and indexing
  • Content
  • Images
  • Structured data
  • Links

and also the results of the MobileFriendliness Test using the Google API.

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