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Technical Website Optimization (SEO) for Google Search Will Get You More Business

technical optimization for Google search

In order for your website to produce any business for you, two things need to happen:

  1. A person who's willing and able to buy a product like yours must somehow find your site.
  2. Your site needs to somehow induce that visitor to carry out whatever conversion action will satisfy your business objectives.

Technical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will improve the rankings of your web pages by search engines - making them easier to find - by analyzing, repairing, upgrading and fine-tuning the tech aspects of your website to make it more easily spidered, indexed and understood by Googlebot and other search-engine crawlers. And in the process, technical SEO will also improve the experience your website provides for human users on both desktop and mobile devices.

An incomplete list of issues that technical SEO can fix includes:

  • Broken links and 404 errors
  • Excessive HTTP requests
  • Uncompressed HTML
  • HTML errors
  • Slow-loading image, audio and video files
  • Duplicate content
  • Unindexed pages
  • Orphan pages
  • Non-critical CSS and Javascript files that slow down page rendering
  • Duplicate titles and meta description tags that cause ranking competition between pages
  • Unused stylesheet code that slows page loading
  • Missing Google Analytics tracking code
  • White space and HTML comments that slow page loading
  • Images that could delay loading until after critical resources have been rendered
  • Static assets not cached
  • Page titles and meta descriptions too long or too short
  • Pages blocked by robots.txt file
  • Use of Flash
  • Mobile unfriendliness: too-small text, clickable elements too close together
  • No custom 404 error page
  • Illusion of completeness leaving critical content unread

In getting site traffic from search engines, it's not how many search engines you can get to index your site that counts - it's how highly your site is ranked for the keywords that your most valuable potential customers are using in their searches.

And your pages need to be optimized for the search engine most used by your best potential customers.

GoogleThat's Google.

Done expertly (as I will), technical optimization for Google, followed by conscientious maintenance to keep up with Google’s ever-changing ranking algorithms, will very significantly increase the number of qualified prospects finding your site, as well as the number and value of transactions those new customers will do with your business.

Some of My Blog Posts About Technical SEO

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Images, CSS stylesheets and Javascript files likely contribute.

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62.9% of Google Search users say descriptions in organic returns are #1 driver of clicks
And descriptions in organic search returns are controlled by the people who write the website copy.

Minify HTML, CSS and JavaScript to speed up web pages, reduce server load
In my test the Minifier reduced pagefile size by 25.57%.

New/improved Google PageSpeed Insights includes Performance Score, real-world Field Data, Lab Data
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