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What were the top Boston Tourism searches done on Google in June 2019?
18 July 2019 (Edited )
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"boston hotels" was #1 with 135,000 searches

There were 74,000 Google searches for "boston aquarium" in June 2019.

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Based on data from searches done in June 2019 in response to which Google served - via its paid Google Ads search product - pages of the Greater Boston CVB website .

The 25 most popular search queries were:

Here's what those numbers mean:

Keyword and Searches Jun 2019: Obvious!

Competition: Qualitative assessment of the degree of competition among advertisers for that keyword - see also Competition (indexed value).

Competition (indexed value): Advertiser competition for a keyword, on a scale of 0 to 100 with 0 being "very little competition" and 100 being "very high competition". Calculation used is (number of ad slots filled) / (total number of ad slots available).

Top of Page Bid (low range - high range): Approximately what cost-per-click bid is needed for the advertiser's ad to show at the top of the first page of search results when a search query exactly matches the keyword the advertiser is buying. The advertiser's Top of Page Bid is a function of Quality Score (based on Google's assessment of the relevance to the search query of the advertiser's ad and landing page) and competition from other advertisers.

Magnitudes of Cost per Click tend to be different for branded keywords vs. non-branded.

Example: For the branded keyword "boston duck tours" the Top of Page Bid (high range) is only $1.19. (How many advertisers would pay a lot of money for high rankings on the name of someone else's business?) But for the non-branded keyword "events in boston this weekend" - consider how perishable a commodity an event is - when it's over it's over - and how many events might be competing for attendees on a summer weekend in Boston, the Top of Page Bid (high range) is an astronomical $318.64!

These keyword data are available free anytime via the Google Ads Keyword Planner. For step-by-step instructions for doing this kind of data extraction from the Keyword Planner, see my earlier article What are the most popular Google search queries for Boston tourism in January?

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Subhead "boston hotels" was #1 with 135,000 searches
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