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Survey: How UK millennials pay for their holidays

24 October 2016

This article in eHotelier by Jennifer Conneely for currency converters DCC Forum reports the results of a survey of UK holidaymakers conducted by CensusWide.

Key findings:

  • Millennials see their holidays as an opportunity to take photos for their social-media accounts.
    • 20% said that one of the first things they do when reaching a travel destination is update their Facebook status or post a selfie on Instagram.
    • 31% said they always head for the nearest swimming pool.
    • 24% said they always head for the nearest bar.
  • Regarding making payments while traveling abroad:
    • 25% of Millennials think that carrying currency on holidays makes them more likely to be the victim of a crime.
    • 45% worry about leaving lots of cash in their hotel room.
    • 35% said they take only the bare minimum of foreign currency with them on holiday.
    • Just over 50% reported making payments by credit or debit card while on holiday.
    • Almost 10% reported making a "contactless payment" while on holiday in the past 12 months.
    • 5% reported making a mobile payment via a service like Android or Apple Pay.
    • Only 29% reported checking the fees charged by their payment-solution provider for payments made abroad.

Although this is an obvious pitch for hotels to use DCC currency-conversion services to make their Millennial guests happy, the data are interesting. Like: if you want Millennials to stay at your hotel, make sure you have a pool and a bar, as well as an easy way to provide local currency for them to spend with you, as Millennials may not have brought much with them.

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